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Tuesday 15 October 2013

Comparing Myself To 'Cooler' Mums

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Last night I found myself doing something I swore I would never do - I compared myself to other mums and worse still I actually involved my kids. *Insert MAJOR cringe factor here*

Yep, sitting on the couch with the kids I casually threw out the question "So who's the coolest mum you know?".

Aha - I seriously asked that.

Of course I was totally expecting them to say me and two of them didn't disappoint, but when the 6 year old said my best friend was the coolest Mum, I nearly choked on my vodka cruiser.

It turns out that she is deemed as cooler because she bought her kids a Woolworths Animal Card Collectors book AND she owns a Pizza Restaurant.

Man how can I possibly compete with that?

Lucky she is my bestie and I am not even going to try.

But then the conversation moved on to other friend's mums and we started talking about what makes THEM cool mums. They were naming all sorts of different things ranging from what they pack in the kids lunchbox to how many friends they let sleep over at any given time.

Despite it going against everything I believe in, I couldn't help but feel the old competitive ego rearing it's head in me and I started mentally making lists of what I could possibly do to be classed as 'cooler than those Mums' in my kid's eyes.

I know right. I really went there.

I think my middle son must have sighted some sort of forlorn expression on my face as he piped up with "Do you want to know why I think YOU are the coolest Mum?", which of course I replied to with a very desperate nodding of the head.

He began to rattle off a whole list of things that included how I give the best cuddles, tell them I love them fifty million times a day, put really embarrassing cookies in their lunchbox and I make the best corn on the cob. Well actually he retracted that last one because Daddy made the BESTest corn, but apparently mine is "pretty good too".

Thankfully I woke up to myself pretty quickly and realised that there are no winners in the coolest Mum competition, in fact competing is a bloody waste of time in the first place.

In our kids eyes we are ALWAYS going to be the winners, even if another Mum owns a Pizza Shop, so pretty much we should just keep doing what we are doing and not worry about what everyone else is up to.

Hmmmm epiphany moment .... that theory pretty much applies to everything and anything we do in life doesn't it?

I shouldn't worry about comparing myself to others, I need to just dance like that awesome Salty Rain dude from X Factor who just dances to his own tune and doesn't give a two hoots about what anyone else thinks of his dancing. He just wants the world to dance man!

I like that guy and I kinda wanna dance myself now. And just so you know, if I happened to be a Motivational speaker at a big Anthony Robbins style of conference right now I would totally be making you stand up and dance with me too.

If you have no idea who the hell I am talking about with Salty Rain - check this dude out as he is all kinds of awesome. Even if you do know what I am referring to, just watch it anyway, it will make you smile I promise!

Have you ever compared yourself to other Mums or had the 'Who's Cooler' conversation with your kids?

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