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Thursday 31 October 2013

Some Teacher Christmas Gift Ideas - That Won't Break The Bank!

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I know what you are thinking - "Why the hell is she posting about Christmas in October?"  And quite frankly I don't blame you, I'm kinda thinking the same thing.

But for the past week I have been getting my pants in a pickle because soooo many people have been telling me that they have pretty have their Christmas Shopping done and dusted and I'm all Holy Shitballs you are that organised .... in October???

So I decided if you can't beat them - blah blah blah and I got on line and ordered my first Christmas present. It doesn't matter that the present was for myself, the point is I have now officially started my shopping and when someone asks me, I can nod all smug like and say "yep, I'm almost done"*cough cough*.

One of the things that adds up when you've got some little munchkins, is all the teacher's gifts you need to buy. It seems that kids have at least 2 teachers each these days and when you times that by 3 in my case and add in a couple of extras like speech therapists, teaching aides and a Principal - man it adds up.

If you are one of any of the above for my boys, please stop reading right now, because here is where I tell the rest of you that we are giving Candles and Pillowcases made by the boys to their teachers this year.

Below I have linked up some posts to some budget friendly gift ideas I have made in the past in case you are stuck for ideas for what to give your kid's teachers, ideas that won't break the bank. And just in case, you know, you want to be one of THOSE people who smash the Christmas Shopping before the Silly Season Officially begins.

Scented Candles
You can't go wrong with these and if you make them with some cinnamon scents then they are as Christmassy as you can get.

Treat Boxes
I originally made these as place markers for the Christmas table last year, but if your child goes to kindy and has like 5 different teachers, or if you are a sucker like me that makes gifts for all their class mates too - these would be a perfect solution.

A Christmas Wreath
What teacher wouldn't love a fresh wreath to hang on their mantle or door at home, or even the classroom door. This one has the added bonus of not just being budget friendly, but fun to make too.

Bags of Sweet Smelling Soap
One can never have too much smelly stuff, and the cute little bags are almost a gift in themselves.

Hand Painted Pillow Cases
You can pick up some pillow cases for next to nothing and either you or your kids can get to work painting a special bespoke design for a special teacher.

Alright so tell me - Have you started your Christmas Shopping yet? 
Bear in mind if you tell me you have finished, we may no longer be on speaking terms. 
Jokes... Kinda :)