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Saturday 26 October 2013

October Reviews and Giveaways - Winner Takes All!

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We are getting to the pointy end of the year now where you are pretty much guaranteed to get a whiff of Christmas in the aisles as you do the shopping and that old familiar sweat breaks out when your girlfriend's tell you they have just finished their Christmas shopping and you have only gotten as far as choosing the pretty paper to start making your lists on.

But it's only flipping October you tell yourself, before vowing to pick up a copy of  Woman's Weekly and start planning the Christmas menu tonight - right after your alphabetise your Christmas card list....

Wow I think I just dumped all the messy stressy innards cluttering up my brain onto the computer screen.

Sorry if that scared you. Let's move on shall we.

I have some fabulous goodies lined up this month. Now I know I say this EVERY month and that's because that's what I truly think every month. When these products land upon my doorstep I seriously have to control myself as I get so excited at the prospect of securing some of these to give away to you guys too.

So that's how I feel about this month - Damn near beside myself. We have Coffee machines, gorgeous Teepees, Organisational porn and more.

Man you are in for a treat.

Let's do this shall we.

MOCKA Teepees

I brought my boys the Blue and white stripe Teepee from Mocka for Christmas last year and it was one of the best gifts I have ever bought them. They have decorated it with Fairy lights and in summer they set it up as a base by the pool and they spend many a night hanging out in it, eating their dinner and just chatting.

Come winter it is moved inside and loaded up with blankies and cushions and again they curl up in there reading comics and chewing the fat.

The funniest is when they decide to spend the night in it, because although they are very roomy teepees, two little boys, one gangly bigger boy and two dogs who also insist on being a part of the action does not make for a peaceful night's sleep.

The Mocka Teepees are super durable and made from a high quality cotton canvas which is 70% cotton and 30% polyester. They are available in five fabulous colours & styles and retail for $99.00.

The doors have a tie at the bottom on each side for easy entry, and the floor of the teepee has ties on each corner to ensure it is secured nice and tight.

For more production info, assembly details and dimensions click here and stay up to day with the latest goings on, check out their Facebook Page here.

The gorgeous gang at Mocka would like the lucky winner to choose a Teepee for their child. You can choose from any of their designs on the Mocka Website.

Nescafé MINI ME Dolce Gusto Coffee Machine
You know I love coffee right, almost as much as I love a vodka lime and soda. 

OK that's not really true, I love Vodka lime and Soda more. But I do love my couple of morning coffees that transform me from monster to something vaguely human and gives me an excuse to sit quietly for a while and enjoy my list making ritual.

I never thought I was fussy with my coffee, until I started visiting friends who had coffee machines and then suddenly my instant coffee seemed a little um daggy.

I like a machine that doesn't clutter up my kitchen or take up too much space and that is probably one of the things I love most about this cute new machine Mini Me Dolce Gusto from Nescafé.

Nescafé Dolce Gusto was the first-ever capsule coffee system available in Australia to make both hot and cold beverages. The machines are super easy to use and serves up the ultimate hot or cold cuppa in under a minute with no mess.

These are single cup machines that produce the perfect cuppa every time - the combo of Nescafe experience and De'Longhi expertise pretty much guarantees it. 

With 14 different flavour capsules, from Cafe Au Lait to Nestlea Peach and every thing in between, there is a flavour to suit even the fussiest of coffee connoisseurs

The machine RRPs at $149 and is available from Coles and you can get the capsules from most leading supermarkets or online here.

I am so excited to have a NESCAFÉ® Dolce Gusto® Mini-me capsule machine to giveaway to the lucky winner of this month's giveaways


Organisational products are like porn to me.

The look, the smell and the feel of them get me all excited and inspired to be the most organised Martha Mudguts I can be.

The Organizher systems and products are structured enough to get my backside into gear, but still flexible enough to adapt them to suit my family's specific needs.

The products are available at BIG W and you can view the complete range online here.

See that Command Central in the picture above? That gets my heart swooning and one of you are lucky enough to swoon along with me when you win a gorgeous organisation pack from Organizher.

The pack includes a Write and Wipe Monthly Magnetic Chart, a reminder center, password keeper, On The Go Family Planner, Shopping Companion and more, in fact everything in this picture here.

Check out Organizher Australia's Facebook Page here to stay up to date on products and great tips to stay inspired to be more organised.


I have a wee addiction to this company and to iPhone cases, so when you combine the two I get a little drunk on all the excitement.

Customised Phone Cases are a very cool idea. They are personal to you and they are such a great conversation started too. I am always gushing over peoples phone covers and you cant get much cooler than a phone case covered in your favourite instagram photos.

My fridge is adorned with the Sticky Gram Fridge Magnets and now my phone is suitably fancied up with my fave pics of my most fave people.

The phone covers cost $34.99 and have free shipping worldwide. They are so easy and quick to order and they arrive in next to no time. Check them out Sticky Gram's website for more info here.

The winner of Today's giveaway will win a voucher to order your very own customised phone cover.


Last but not least I want to introduce you to the gorgeous kids clothing label - Life of Lennox.

As you know I have one dedicated 6 year old fashionista in this family as well as two others who also love to dress themselves up in cool clothes.

I love to see my boys in clothes that they choose for themselves, outfits that show their personality and are bright and funky, not beige and bland.

Life of Lennox is an online store that source gorgeous threads from all over the world. They have all the latest trends but shrunk down for 0 to 8 year olds. Seriously sooo cute.

You can browse their range online here or follow them on Instagram here.

I have a $25 voucher for the lucky winner to shop for their very own little fashionista and choose some funky threads.

So as per usual - winner takes all the loot and there is some seriously good loot to collect this month from some seriously cool companies.

Don't mince around Ok! Click on the Rafflecopter widget below, follow the prompts and leave me a comment with your best pre-Christmas tip. You could make a serious dent in your Christmas shopping by winning this bundle and if you are anything like me, that should be enough to get you salivating

Competition is open now and closes 8/11/13 at 7pm AEST.

Good Luck!

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