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Thursday 7 November 2013

Crushing on ....

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I am as fickle as it gets when it comes to home decorating. I'm a Gemini and a female, the double whammy - what more can I say than I like to change my mind a lot?

Throw in to the mix the fact that I am a complete home wares junkie and a self confessed shopaholic and that makes for one very dangerous combo.

One minute I am loving a jewel coloured bohemian theme, and then I do the fastest and most random 360 you've ever seen and suddenly I'm all over classic neutral colours.

I still have this weakness for the whole industrial warehousey kind of look going on, but then I am also totally crushing on bright pastel candy colours.

I told you - I'm a Fickle Pickle!

I wasted a glorious hour yesterday clicking around online under the guise of putting together a post on my current Candy Crush, but the truth is I was really on the hunt to find a gorgeous 'this' and an adorable 'that' to put on the wish list I intend on photocopying and leaving lying around the house (in many places) for my hubby and kids to find in the lead up to Christmas.

If you're a little partial to power of pastels then check these beauties out. Oh and the links to stores i found these lovelies in are at the bottom of the post ...  just in case you have very little self control like me and *ahem* want to give your family a little helping hand with their Christmas Shopping ;)

a: candy coloured ice cream cups , b: cardboard stag head , c: yellow floor lamp, d: aqua stripe napkins, e: iPhone cover, f: pink sandals, g: yellow leather pouffe, h: wire magazine rack, i: confetti washi tape, j: teal parrot, k: teal armchair, l: pink polka dot satchel, m: geometric cushion, n: wire baskets, o: pineapple ice cube trays, p: juju hat

q: kokomo bracelet , r: macrame pot hanger , s: mason jar, t: candy coloured clutch, u: zesty print, v: rattan pendant shade, w: pineapple art, x: world map shower curtain,

What home trends are you currently crushing on?

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