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Monday 25 November 2013

Planning Christmas Gifts and Other Useless Information

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So this post can probably be filed in the 'Thanks for this info but a little bloody late don't you think?' file but read on if you want to have a shake your head and thanks for nothing moment.

Christmas shopping is the bane of every woman's life. Ok that may be a little melodramatic on behalf of ALL women, but I make no apology for leaving men out of that statement because if the average Joe is anything like my husband, then he leaves all the Christmas shopping up to the wife.

The control freak in me is very happy with this arrangement, but the disgruntled hard done by over worked female in me kind of sniffs her nose and says "Typical" before walking off in a huff.

I'm getting distracted. Back to my point...

This morning I had  30 minutes or so to spare before my meeting with the accountant, so I decided to try and make a bit of a dent in the Christmas shopping. And so I found myself standing in Bed Bath and Table staring blankly at the rows of stuff that was on display before me. Every now and then I would get a light bulb moment and I would make a dash for a particular area, before stopping in my tracks, shaking my head and going back to staring blankly.

The shop assistant who was clearly getting nervous about the strange woman standing in her shop, gently approached me and asked the usual "Can I help you with anything?". I looked at her hopefully and replied with "How long have you got?" before shoving my crumpled list of names in the poor woman's face and practically weeping "I have to buy presents for all these people and I have absolutely no idea what I'm going to get them".

I was noting the expression on her face which clearly said "Oh MY God, why do I get all the nutjobs?" when an older lady behind us politely offered up "You need to make yourself a list darling."

"I HAVE a freaking list" is what I wanted to say... but I didn't because I am not quite THAT much of a nutjob. Instead I showed her the long list of names for whom I need to buy for.

Shaking her head she was all "No No No Dear. You need to keep a list throughout the year of all the things you think of as gift ideas for people. Include things they have mentioned they would like or new interests they have and it will make Christmas and Birthday shopping so much easier. Don't forget to write down it down if you buy something, along with the place you have hidden it as you always forget months later about the presents you have already bought and have safely tucked away somewhere at home."

Holly Jolly Christmas Nuts, did Santa send me this angel camouflaged as a nice old lady? Was this woman a Christmas Ninja or some other kind of Christmas genius?

Why did I not think of this like 12 flipping months ago?

How many times have I seen or thought of the perfect gift for someone and then forgotten about it minutes later. If I had written it down in one of the many notebooks I have flapping around in my bag, I wouldn't have been standing there making shop assistants and fellow shoppers nervous.

Yeah see I told you! Useless info that is a 'fat lot of good' to anyone this close to Christmas. And now you are probably sitting there reading this and thinking "Good one Sonia, fabulous timing NOT! because;

A: like me, you have left it a bit late to try and generate a list that would normally be a year in the making and you are hating on me for sharing this wisdom after your Christmas shopping meltdown has already gained too much momentum and can't be stopped.

B: you already knew abut this gem of an idea and are shaking your head at what a loser I am for not thinking of this myself.

C: you are one laid back cool cat who refuses to get stressed about Christmas shopping and therefore are thinking this was the biggest waste of 2 minutes reading this drivel

or D: you are done and dusted and have all your gifts wrapped and ready to go, in which case we are not really on speaking terms now so whatever!

What's your Christmas Shopping Method?
Do you have one or do you just wing it at the eleventh hour?