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Monday 20 June 2016

Make Up Sex... REALLY?

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I only have one thing to say when it comes to Make up Sex...




Alright, so clearly I have more than one thing to say about it, it's just that this particular concept has always baffled me.

I mean you hear about it all the time don't you - couples who claim that Make up Sex is the best type of sex two people can ever have and yet I hear that and I'm all "nuh uh, don't go there girlfriend".


Well it's probably got something to do with the fact that getting all lovely dovey and having sex with someone I am totally furious at is only like the LEAST likely thing I would want to do.

Ask me to sulk for hours on end?

Umm yes, I can do that.

want me to throw a massive hissy fit, grab a bottle of wine and disappear into the bath for an hour or two?

Yep totally up for it!

Wanna watch me peg a pillow and a blanket at my hubby's head (if he's lucky) and send him to the couch?

Well, that certainly sounds more like my style.

Expect me to rip my clothes off and jump his bones?


It's not that I'm a prude or anything... at least I don't think I am, It's just that I can't turn it on and off like a switch. When I get to the point of being mad at someone, I'm like really mad and I need a week to calm down... OK at least give me a day.

Look, I am making no judgement here. If you are up for it then - yeah Sister!! I'm TOTALLY happy for you... in fact I'll give you a high five and wish your the most awesomest time ever... it's just that I'd rather chew on my toenails thanks very much.

I posed the question to a group of my girlfriends recently over dinner and drinks and we were all pretty much on the same "fat chance in hell" page. In fact only one of my girlfriends claimed to be up for a bit of post argument hanky panky, and that was only because she finally admitted that her partner was more "giving" when he was feeling guilty for having been a twat in a fight, so fair call... I guess.

Do I feel the need to make up for being a cranky premenstrual cow with a romp between the sheets?

Nuh Uh!

Do I feel more giving or forgiving in bed after a blazing row?

Nope - Sorry Not Sorry.

So it leads me to ask... do many of us women actually enjoy Make up Sex or is it something we think we need to enjoy because, you know women's magazines claim it to be the bees knees or we feel kind of awks and sexually inept as a woman if we say we don't?

Are you all for some Make up Sex or would you rather sulk with that bottle of wine and a hot bath?