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Thursday 16 June 2016

Positively Woo Woo - How To Sage Your Home

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Now here is something you may or may not already know about me - I have a bit of an alternative side to me and I love a little bit of the 'woo woo' in my life as my dear hubby likes to call it. 

I believe in some things that many people may not.

I'm superstitious, I'm curious and I love nothing more than having my eyes opened to new things.

I have a true appreciation for some of the more alternative things in life. Ancient practices that connect us to the universe.

My kids tease me and call me a hippy in disguise, and to be fair I get why they do - given that I do things like sending my kids to a catholic school with crystals in their bags.

I don't actually limit myself to any one belief because I find beauty and truth in so many faiths and religions. 

I'm a bit of a walking contradiction and I am not all that you see and you know what? I am so OK with that.

Alright, before you go and peg me as someone who makes a habit of running around chanting whilst naked under the full moon... I'm not that alternative, although I have absolutely nothing against anyone who is of course because hey, whatever makes you happy you know?

I personally take more of a quiet approach to my beliefs and I generally carry them without any fuss or fanfare or anyone being any wiser to it.

Except for now... cause I am kind of like telling the whole of the interwebs.

You see I believe in the power of the mind. 

I believe in the power of rituals and mindsets and affirmations, and I believe that there is more to this world than what we can see with our naked eye.

I have crystals around my home. I carry them in my car and my bag and I wear a quartz around my neck and I'm even wearing some Danburite in my bra right now. Yeah, I know... but whatever works for you right?

Something I have always been very sensitive to is other people's energy. You know how you can be around someone who is angry or sad and when they leave somehow feel like they have left you with that lingering anger or sadness? 

That's their energy and for want of a better explanation, it can infect you.

Have you ever walked into a room and it feels... I don't know... kind of oppressive or stale? 

That's residual energy.

If you allow it to, that energy can and will effect how you feel, how you think and you act and it can even have an effect on your business, your success and your luck.

You need to clear that energy away.

Think of it as kind of giving your home or your workspace a big old clean up, sweeping out the dirt and dusting away the cobwebs. 

Think about how good you feel when you give your home is freshly cleaned or your office all tidied up. 

It feels good right? 

Well clearing the energy in your home or workplace works in the same way and will have the same positive effect on you.

Whether you believe that this involves something mystical or magical at work or even if you just believe that we are talking about some kind of placebo effect - it really doesn't matter. 

If it works for you, then that is all that counts.

There are a number of ways that you can purify and cleanse the energy in a space and I pretty much like to alternate between all of them. 

You can burn incense which is believed by many faiths to appease local spirits, and you can use a Tibetan Singing bowl or Buddhist chimes to shift and cleanse old, negative or stuck energy. 

Many Yogis or healing masseurs will use a Tibetan singing bowl or chimes to clear your chakras, awaken your senses and ground you after meditation or a massage treatment. 

You can also use sage to cleanse your space.

The ritual of smudging with sage is an ancient Native American practise and smudging a room a room or your home with the smoke of sage can help you to clear out any residual negative energy left behind from an argument, a run of bad luck or even someone who visited and left behind a bad feeling. 

It is believed that the energy attaches itself to the smoke and as the smoke clears away it takes the negative energy with it.

Hey this isn't no mumbo jumbo you guys - scientific research has linked Sage and the other herbs used in smudging to the release of negative ions which actually results in lighter and more positive mood.

Again, belief or placebo, whatever. 

I believe in it and therefore it works for me.

I often get asked how I go about Saging our home or the warehouse or even myself, so here is a quick run down of what I do in case you would like to give it a try for yourself.

1.To start, you need a bundle of sage which you can get from most health food stores, a fireproof container with a little sand or water in it and a feather or something you can use to fan the smoke.

2. Take a moment to imagine yourself surrounded in pure white light and then set your intention - In this case you want to clear yourself and your space of any negative energy and make way for positivity, health, luck and good fortune.

3. Open the windows in your house so that the smoke and the negative energy can escape.

4. Light your sage and blow out the flame. It's not about the flame, its about the smoke and you want that sage to be smoking.

5. Walk from room to room fanning the smoke from the sage into every corner, around every window, under tables and up towards the ceiling. You need to imagine the smoke is absorbing the negative energy and bad luck and visualise it wafting out the windows and doors leaving only positive energy and good vibes vibe.

6. To finish, close your eyes again and imagine your home or your space and yourself are all bursting to the brim with a beautiful white positive light. Completely extinguish the sage in the sand or sand and bury it and the ashes in your backyard.

You can do this ritual as often as you like, but as I mentioned I like to do it after anyone has had a big argument in the house, when anyone has been sick or sad or we have had a run of illness or bad luck, and I also like to do it after a big clean up and declutter.

So tell me - do you think I'm whacko or do you sage too?
Do you believe in alternative practices or do you have any rituals you engage in too? Do you want to hear more about mine?

No judgement here you guys because each to their own I say.