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Being a true Gemini, I have a personality for every different occasion. But I don't want to confuse you or scare you too early on in our friendship, so for the sake of keeping things simple, I will give you a little insight to the normal everyday me and how I came to be a Blogger.

My name is Sonia. I am (insert age here) years young and have decided I will most probably lie about my age from here on in.

I am a life time member of Shopperholics Anonymous and a lover of all things Vodka flavoured.

I am the nagging wife to a gorgeous, patient and exceptionally Kind man - Carl. He is true gentleman and though it is a cliche, I feel truly blessed to have been married to my best friend and soul mate for 15 years. 

He puts up with a lot of crap from me this poor guy but I love him to bits. (did I mention he is VERY VERY patient?).

We are the proud Mama and Papa bear to 3 gorgeous little boys, Kai - 15, Sammy - 11 and Flynn - 9. 

These kids seriously rock. OK I know EVERY parent says that about their kids, but everyday they bring tears to my eyes. Sometimes they are tears of frustration, but mostly they are tears of laughter and absolute joy that these little dudes are ours. 

Ok maybe mostly is a slight exaggeration .... let's just leave it at they bring me tears of joy AND tears of Frustration but I am so glad they are ours!

We live on The Northern Beaches in Sydney and whilst I absolutely love it here I do often pretend I'm in the Byron Bay hinterland on a big property with chickens and mooing cows and.... you get the idea!

I love to procrastinate and get my crafty on and I am a self titled Martha Mudguts. It's one of the biggest reasons that I own and run Little Lane Workshops... a creative haven in Brookvale. That and because I've always dreamed of owning a shop with fairy lights like the one in You've Got Mail.


I adore housie magazines, anything beachy, fresh flowers, smelly candles, shopping. Vodka and Gin (in no particular order). I change my hair colour on a regular basis and I often hold deep and meaningful conversations with myself (my therapist tells me that this is TOTALLY normal).

I like to think of myself as a highly organised 'Nigella' type Domestic Goddess, but the reality is I am just a slightly neurotic, anal retentive clean freak 'Monica' type who is mildly obsessed with perfection. 

I love to reorganise and redecorate my house on a regular basis (much to my husbands despair), and did I mention I LOVE LOVE LOVE to shop.

I juggle life between running my own Social Media and Brand Development Business, Little Lane Workshops, working with one of my besties Kate at Uberkate Jewellery as their Digital Strategist and Community Manager, blogging and most importantly being a totally embarrassing but loving mum and nagging but doting wife.

I'd like to be able to tell you about some really well thought out and romantic story as to why and how this blog came about, but the truth is I created this blog accidentally after I was up late one night drinking vodka and playing on the computer. I have this insane urge to capture some of the crazy things that seem to happen to us on a regular basis. We like to call this crazy stuff 'The Hiccups'.  And the truth is I Heart those Hiccups, as they add the colour to our canvas. 

I blog about everything and anything really - whatever tickles my fancy. One day I could be blogging about my kids and their crazy antics - the next day it could be a room makeover in my house. 'Whatever goes'  is my motto around here.

Why did I decide to share my life with the world? Well as far as I am concerned life is too short to be Anonymous. Who knows how long we get to hang around, so I may as well make as much noise as I can whilst I am here.

So that is me in all my dysfunctional glory.
Thanks for dropping by and if I haven't scared you off yet, I do hope you stick around for a while.

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Anonymous said...

just discovered your blog and I am excited to meet you and your family and read about all your hiccups.!!

Thanks for sharing.
Mum of 4!

Unknown said...

Hi there, Im your newest follower. Love your blog. Im also an aussie. Would love you to check out my blog if you get the chance...http://ournest98.blogspot.com.au/
Keep up the blogging!

Elisha May said...

What a gorgeous intro and a gorgeous family you have there! Newest follower here, loving your blog, looking forward to reading more!

Life Love and Hiccups said...

Thank you so much lovely ladies and a HUGE welcome I love that you visited! xxx

purple haze designs said...

i follow you on facebook and decided to pop on over and have a look at your blog - glad i did!!

firefish said...

HAHAHA! After already "liking" you from a couple of posts, I decided I should probably read about who you actually are ;>
No, you have not scared me off, I think we may be soul mates: nigella-wannabe, but neurotic monica in reality, LOVE sleep, HATE feet (i have wanted a foot tattoo since i was 18 - i am now closer to 38 and am still "working up the courage"), LOVE shoes (I have size 11 feet, so it's very much a love-hate relationship), have an extremely patient husband, really need to stop adding Vodka to the shopping list. The only thing is, I am not artistic in any way, but I love to look and admire and dream...!

Life Love and Hiccups said...

@Firefish phew glad I didnt scare you off haha. OMG though were we separated art birth or something? :) Thanks for stopping by! xx

Melissa said...

Hi I have just come across your blog and instagram and I look forward to following your journey- thank you for all of your lovely photos that you share!

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