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Friday 13 January 2012

The day I totally sucked at putting together a Flat Pack!

Pin It I'm normally so good at flat pack stuff - so this little project really kind of devastated me.
I was trying to put together a pedestal for my home office and the instructions seemed....well bloody difficult to be honest, but I thought I was a pretty intelligent woman and could figure it out.

It took me about 30 mins to work out which piece was which and then I just dived on in.
2 hours later, yes I know 2 hours! I had this.......

The photos don't really show that it was on a terrible slant and the drawers wouldn't close and basically I just completely stuffed it.

My dear darling hubby took great delight in taking a million photos and posting it on Facebook so everyone could have a laugh at my expense. However I take great joy in telling you that when he spent the best part of an hour trying to fix my handy work - HE COMPLETELY SCREWED IT UP to the point of no beyond.

The said drawers now sit in the garage, unsalvagable. I'm sure I will think up some sort of project I can use it for.

I did however manage to put together a set of flat pack laundry hampers from IKEA and I was proud enough of myself that I made my hubby take a photo of me, so I could post it on Facebook as proof that I am not a complete moron and try and save my reputation. 

So what if it is only a laundry hamper, it came in a million pieces I needed to put together. And Big Deal that I forgot to buy the wheels to go with it - How was I to know that they were stupidly sold separately. Woopty Do Da that anyone can put one of them together - Can they put it together with the stealth like moves and grace in which I did? AND I put together a few of these little suckers in less than the time it takes my hubby to do his morning poop. Come on people, I'm kinda appealing to you for some recognition here to soothe my badly sprained ego.

I do owe my hubby an apology though as I did get busted big time for hammering the pieces together on top of one of his favourite shirts. Oops!

Don't you love the look on Flynn's face - OMG Mum, you actually did it! Pfff of thee of little faith!

As Fi from My Mummy Daze is still on holidays, I get to host the 52 Week project again. Yayyy!
All you need to do is link up a post with a photo of YOU and tell us what the story is behind that photo.

Have fun, I am off to try and figure out what the hell to do with a mangled pedestal.

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