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Tuesday 10 January 2012

A Surprise Weekend away for the Hubby and Kids

Pin It This weekend just gone I had plotted and planned a surprise weekend away for my hubby and the kids and I. I know I know - see my halo glowing haha.

I did have to give in and let my hubby know about it a few days before because logistically with work and everything it was impossible to organise otherwise.

The kids had noooo idea though. We chucked them in the car and off we went. They threw a few guesses out there - Sam's guess of America was probably the most out there.

First stop was Centre Point Tower. The 4D movie before you up the tower is just amazing - You stand in a room and on screen you watch in 3D as a rainbow lorrikeet does a tour of Sydney and the Harbour etc. The 4D part come into play when you actually get sprayed with water and bubbles and wind while you are watching - it is such a hoot.

When we got to the top of the tower we pointed out the Novotel at Darling Harbour to the kids and told them that that is where we would be spending the night. They were so excited.

Mummy was squashed with gorgeous cuddles from excited kids.

First things first, I need some sustenance. So here's me totally stuffing my face with some sushi. Why did I include this photo - I have no idea really, but considering I spent a large part of the weekend stuffing my face, it was hard to find a photo of me that didn't include food.

Next it was on to the Maritime Museum where we toured the war ships and got all claustrophobic onboard a submarine. The boys were very impressed with the guns on board. Boys stuff I guess!

They weren't overly taken with the bunks the sailors slept in, 
but they were keen to try them out anyway.

After an exhausting afternoon it was time to check into our hotel, have a well earned drink and get ready for dinner. We booked two adjoining rooms so that the kids had their own space to spread out and Carl and I had some room to escape as well.
The view from the rooms looking back over Darling Harbour was awesome.

Before we knew it Dinner time rolled around and we had some hungry Squidgins on our hands. Damn that is not a good thing when you are about to hit a restaurant. Hungry kids tend to want everything on the menu which equals a big bill at the end. Here's a tip - fill em up with a loaf of bread before you head out to dinner. Just joking!

We chose a fabulous restaurant on Darling Harbour called Cyren and the food was just divine.

 A man's gotta have meat and these kind of reminded me of something you used to see in Flintstones cartoons.

That night Sydney had an amazing Thunderstorm and we had prime front row 
seats from the restaurant.

 Whilst the lightening was spectacular, it didn't completely distract me from my dessert.

The next morning we left the hotel and headed of for the last of our surprises - A day at Luna Park.

Warning loads of photos - yup even more. Feel free to click away if you are not interested in Theme Park Shenanigans - I totally won't be offended.

Overall it was a fabulous weekend and the kids had an absolute ball. We arrived home exhausted and ready for bed way before bedtime which is very rare. Sammy's rating for the weekend - a two thumbs up!

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A special thanks to Liz and Michael who stayed at our house this weekend and looked after our furry kids for us. Thank you so much - You guys rock! Mwah.