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Sunday 8 January 2012

My Dream Beach House..........

Pin It Summer is finally upon us. It has been a long time coming I have to say and it only showed up about 7 weeks late for the party - but better late than never.

I love beach house decorating. There is just something so free and cool, pure and serene about that style.

I spend so much time gazing at beach houses in magazines and online, planning my dream holiday beach house. I know I live on the beaches anyway - but this dream home would be somewhere tropical, remote and hard to reach.

It is here I would spend all my holidays, which because I am so fabulously rich of course that I could build this damn house in the first place would be - oh about 90% of my time.

So join me on my dream and I will take you for a little tour of my ideal Beach house.

Dream away sunshine.....

 Welcome to my beach house - please do come in....

This is wear I will laze away my evenings.

 Or perhaps on this big squishy couch.

Ohhhh I have to make one of these...

And these.

I'll prepare the seafood dinner here.

And soak in the bath here.

Wash the sand of from my hours lying on the beach and swimming in the ocean here.
Love this headboard. I'll just ahem knock one up shall I?

And then rest my weary head in this haven.

A quirky seaside day bed.

Bunk beds for the boys I think.
And their friends.

If you can't find me on the beach I am probably here.

Or having a nap here.

Spoilt for choice for my afternoon nap. :)

So you are wondering what my dream beach house looks like on the outside? Well it will most likely be something like one of these.

Oh a girl can dream can't she?