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Monday 23 January 2012

Wonderful Weekends - Guilt Free!

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This weekend I had so much stuff I planned to do - you know things I felt I should get done like organising, cleaning, back to school shopping etc etc. But the truth is I woke up on Saturday morning and said "Stuff it - it can wait!".

I have a bad habit of thinking I have to have everything done, all perfect - only THEN do I deserve to relax and play with the kids, attack that pile of magazines I have stacking up etc etc. The problem is, there is always something else I can do, another mess to clean up, another job that needs doing and before I know it, the day has gone, the kids are in bed and I missed the opportunity.

Like so many of us - I work full time. Granted I am lucky I work from home and I can chuck a load of washing on here and there, but typically between the hours of 8.30am to 6pm Monday to Thursday, my work owns me. More often than not - I find myself working nights (the downside of working from home) just trying to stay on top of my work load or get ahead on work projects.

When I finish my work for the day, homework, dinner, bath, bed and then tomorrows prep all awaits me and once again before I know it - the day is done and dusted and the only hours left for me to do the things I want to do are between the hours of 9 and midnight. Sleep you ask? Yeah I ask that too!

I am sure I am not alone in this predicament - so why do we do it to ourselves? Guilt? Perfectionism? Sucker for punishment? I am actually very lucky as my hubby works school hours, so he takes care of all the after school activities, gets dinner going and generally just chips in with what ever needs doing. How on earth do Working Mums who have a hubby that works long hours or hates housework cope???

Before Christmas my beautiful bloggy friend Peggy from Cake Crumbs and Beach Sand launched her ebook The Self Love Guide for the Working Mum. When Peggy first told me about this I was so excited for her and really looking forward to getting my hands on her book as this working mum was in desperate need of some self loving.

On the day it was released I printed off my copy and sat it on my desk ready to read. The problem was, I never actually got around to sitting down and reading it. Even though I have been on holidays for 5 weeks now, I still found something else I felt I SHOULD be doing and didn't take the time for myself to read her book.

Last week I said enough is enough, and when the kids were in the pool, I plonked myself down on the sun lounge, opened the pages and there I stayed glued to every page until I had devoured it in all its glory.

The kids calling out "What are you nodding at mum?" "What are you laughing at?" It was just me agreeing with what I was reading, shaking my head at all the things I am guilty off and laughing at the irony that I had taken so long to read something that was all about being kinder to myself and giving myself more time to do the things I want to do.

So this weekend, I said "bugger off "to the jobs and just did what ever I damn well felt like at that very minute.  I laughed with the kids, I lay by the pool, we made cakes, I read some blogs and magazines and I enjoyed every delicious guilt free minute.

New Year - New Me. This gal is getting organised so I have more time to enjoy my most important and my favourite job - Mum and Wife! I will share some of the ideas and tips I come across in my journey if you are interested.

If you are a working mum, do yourself a favour and head over to Peggy's site and get a copy of her ebook The Self Love Guide for the Working Mum.

So what did you get up to this weekend?

Every Monday the link opens and I would love you to share what you got up to on the weekend. Did you do something special or go somewhere? 
Perhaps you cooked up a storm or got all crafty and clever on me. 
Whatever it is share it with us and inspire us all. 
The link is open until next Friday so you can take your time and link up any time this week.