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Friday 20 January 2012

Not just any Love Story - Our Love Story!

Pin It Today is my hubby's and my 16th Wedding Anniversary. 16 Wonderful years together, well 20 actually, but 16 years of marriage.

We met through friends down the beach when I was 17 and we were both "going out" with other people. He was the hot buff surfer I used to perve on safely hidden behind my sunnies. We hung out together in a big group of friends and our lives revolved around the beach and going out. Carl and I shared the same taste in music, food and our outlook on life, so it was no surprise we became such good friends.

I can remember our first pash, that was totally what it was called way back then. We had all been having pre-drinks at Carl's flat down on the beach and were heading out to a party at the local bowling club. I had a broken arm at the time, courtesy of an ex boyfriend's brother who accidentally dropped me on the dance floor when we were trying out some fancy moves - as you do.

On the walk to the bowling club, Carl and I were (as always) walking together and chatting. We got to a little creek that we had to cross and everyone jumped ahead and kept on walking. Carl being the true gentlemen helped me across the creek with my broken arm and when he safely had me on the other side, he kissed me.

Well that was the beginning of our story and we have been inseparable ever since.

Carl is a funny guy and I have so many hilarious stories I could share with you, but one stands out in particular. It was time for me to meet Carl's father and I was nervous as all shit.

Carl picked me up and as we were walking out to the car he said to me, "Oh don't mind my grandmother in the back - she always comes along for the ride".
Oh geez, I have to meet the grandmother first, I wasn't ready for that. I put on my biggest brightest smile and stuck my head into the car to say hello. Ummm no Grandma? Confused, I called out to Carl who was grabbing my bag, "Where's your grandmother gone"?
"In the back" Carl replied.
Nervous I had overlooked her the first time, I once again stuck my head into the car, but nope still no Grandma.
Opening the boot Carl said to me "No she's in here".
Holy shit!!! I am going out with a psychopath???? was all I could think to myself - am I going to end up in the boot too?

I walked around to the back of the car, absolutely horrified and Carl held up a box - "She's here!" He said referring to what was a small box of ashes. "Yup been here for years, and travelled more places since she has been dead than she ever did alive" he laughed. I didn't know whether to be relived or mortified, but I remember at that moment thinking yup he is as wacky as me, we are going to get along just fine.

After 4 years Carl proposed to me, he got down on his knee in the pouring rain and asked me to marry him. He had a whole different proposal all planned out and it was supposed to take place 2 weeks later on our holiday in Noosa, but Carl being Carl lives in the moment and said he just couldn't wait any longer to ask me. He often apologises for what he thinks was ruining the moment instead of waiting for the holiday, but I think it was the most perfect proposal ever.

On the 20th January 1996, Carl and I married and held out reception at Taronga Zoo. It was such a magical night and it was the most perfect way to start our life together as husband and wife.

To say Carl is my rock is not only exceptionally corny and a major understatement..... it is true. He is the most amazing, caring genuine man and the most wonderful father to our kids.

Carl tells me he loves me numerous times a day and he makes me feel special and pretty and oh so loved and I am so spoilt to have this guy in my life.

He is my best friend and is seriously so fun to have a good old fashioned bitch with. We share the same warped sense of humour and this has been so important to us throughout the years. We have had our ups and downs and fair share of bumps along the way, as most marriages do, but never ever have we doubted that we are strong enough to get through what life throws our way.

When I was in the depth of my Depression, he was the hand that led me and pulled me out of the dark days. After my accident, Carl took over everything and cared for me and the kids. He did all the night feeds, cooking, cleaning, shopping, driving, bathing, washing ....everything....for 2 years and without one single complaint.

Our boys just adore him. He is the dad that is coaching the soccer team, riding skateboards, teaching them to surf etc etc. He is also the dad they can talk to and look up to and who teaches them about life, responsibilities and respecting woman. Carl is a true gentlemen always opening the car door for me, treating me like a princess and spoiling me, but his generosity goes far beyond that and extends to anyone - if you need him, he is the first to get in there and help you out.

So, I know I am not usually this soppy, but as I look back on the past 16 years - I realise just how lucky I am and how truly grateful I am that I married my best friend AND we found each other at such a young age and didn't have to go out with a whole lot of dickheads before we got together.

To all the non believers who said we were getting married too young....... pfffft, Bite me!

To Carl..... Happy Anniversary Hun and thank you for everything.
I love you, I love us, I love our life!

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