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Friday, 22 June 2012

Random - Just the Way I Like It!

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I feel so special when another gorgeous blogger mentions me on her blog, let alone passes on a special award to me like this one.

The beautiful Kristen from Me vs Myself mentioned me along with 6 other fabulous blogs to receive this award.

Now you should know the drill by now - when you are lucky enough to receive one of these you have to take a photo of the biggest mess in the house, walk down the street in your undies and tell a stranger your deepest darkest secret... no not really. But you do need to completely over share by answering some questions and then pass the award on to some of your other favourite bloggers.

So let the over sharing begin.

The Ten Questions
1. What is my favourite song? Crap! No that's not the name of my favourite song, that's my brain farting cause I can't think. Ummmmm I really can't think of just one favourite. I have such an eclectic taste in music and it's really hard to narrow it down. At a push, I think one of my faves would be Take You Away by Angus and Julia Stone.

2. My favourite dessert - Mmmmmm easy Strawberry pancake stack. Never heard of it? No me either until I found it on Pinterest and I made it at Easter

3. What ticks me off - Liars whose pants DON'T really catch on Fire. Seriously I can tolerate a lot of things, but I hate people lying to me. Oh and snobby people, and rude people and people who drive too fast down our quiet little street. Stop me now or I could write a whole post about what ticks me off. Actually I did and it was aptly called "Cause You're an Asshole" and then it didn't post properly so I have saved it for a day when I'm in a really crabby mood.

4. When I'm upset, what do I do?
- I sulk, no like I Really sulk! And then I plot all kinds of awesome revenge. No not really, actually yes really!

5. What is my favourite pet? - My dead cat Reggie. He's not stuffed or anything, but if his body hadn't been flattened by a car I may have considered it. I would say my two furry friends that are currently living, but they have really pissed me off the past few weeks chewing up my new cushions and they probably actually belong two questions up at what Ticks me Off.

6. What do I prefer - black or white? -  White, it's just so clean and pure and virginal like me *vomit*. No I do prefer white because it is just so summery and crisp and bright.

7. What is my biggest fear?
- That something will happen to my hubby or one of my kids and I am not there with them. My head spews out really horrible thoughts from time to time, usually when they are late home and I cant get hold of them on the phone after I have tried 40 times in a row.

8. What is my attitude?
- Laugh, Just laugh! Everyone will either laugh along with you, at you or just be confused in which case the solution is to just laugh some more.

9. What is perfection?
- A warm bed with a hot water bottle, a chomp chockie, and a Real Housewives Marathon on Foxtel.

10. What is my guilty pleasure?
- A warm bed with a hot water bottle, a chomp chockie, and a Real Housewives Marathon on Foxtel.
Bahahaha no actually my favourite guilty pleasure would have to be a spontaneous shopping spree at my fave home wares store.... or any any home wares store for that matter.... awwww heck any shop, I'll take the local Seven Eleven if I'm desperate enough.

Ten Random Facts About Me
Geez I over share so much on this blog I really don't know what I haven't already told you.
1. When I type on the blog or Facie or my phone, I pull faces. They are usually weird crooked smiles with my tongue hanging out the side of my mouth. Kinda like this...

Evil right?

2. I can't read a housie magazine unless my own house is neat.

3. I stole a bracelet once from Kmart when I was 9 and I felt so bad I told my mum and she took me  to Kmart to take it back and apologise. Now I have a HUGE conscience and I am forever worried about things, especially things like have I upset something by something I have said?

4. I am actually really shy, but the shyer I am - the louder I get. I'm a walking contradiction.

5. I don't eat any mammal meat. Not cause I am worried about the cute little animals, though it does play on my mind sometimes - I'm actually allergic to it after I got bitten by a tick and even the tiniest bit could kill me. Thank God there are plenty of fish in the sea!

6. I cannot walk in high heels.... at all.

7. I could eat my own weight in prawns. I kid you not. You have to physically take them away from me or I can't stop and I have been known to lick them (after they're peeled so noone else touches them. I'm sure all the local buffets have my face up on a poster saying "don't let her in"!

8. I have never mowed a lawn in my life and I don't intend to if I can help it.

9. I am petrified of petrol bowzers and will rarely ever use one if I can help it. I would rather stand at the pump and act like a complete idiot until someone comes and helps me then have to use one myself. I cant stand the smell and I am paranoid I am going to spontaneously combust whilst I am holding the handle. I never said I was normal OK!

10. I am super lazy and could sleep all day. Even this morning I could see out the window that it was the most insanely beautiful sunrise, but I was just too damn warm (my choice of word to replace lazy) to get up and go and have a proper look so I was all "Yeah nice sunrise....Snoooooooorrrrre".
Now here is where the paranoia sets in because I can only choose Seven Blogs I Love and let's face it I have hundreds in my reader I adore and I don't want to offend. But I am going to pick a mixture of some of my favourites who blog about all different things. Please go and say hi, I know you will just adore each of them.

And now I am going to go and stress about offending people by leaving them off the list

The Seven Blogs I'm passing this award along to

Yes I'm well aware I snuck in an extra one.

So tell me the most random fact about you?
Or how bout sharing what ticks you off or better yet your guilty pleasure?