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Thursday 11 July 2013

A Case of the If Onlys

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Do you ever find yourself saying I would be really happy, you know truly, completely, 100% wholly happy... if only?

I do.

All the time.

If only I was thinner.
If only I had a better this or better that.
If only I could say what I really think.
If only I was more confident.
If only I was more successful.
If only the kids did as they were told straight away.
If only I had more time to myself.
If only I was more organised.
If only we had more money in the bank.
If only I could redo the side garden.
If only I could go on holidays more often.
If only we lived on a rural coastal property by the sea.
If only I had that cafe I dream about.
If only I could afford the latest fashions.
If only my husband and I could spend more time together alone.
If only If only If only.


But what about all the things I already do, have done, have achieved? What about what I have right now? All those amazing crazy beautiful things that are in front of me right now.

Why do I spend so much time thinking about what I didn't do, haven't done or don't have, instead of truly appreciating what I have?

As I watched the kids painting together, quietly chatting away all snug and warm in our home it hit me.

My if onlys are already here ready to be enjoyed right now. I really don't need anything more than what I already have to make my life perfect.

So why do I spend so much time feeding the if onlys with energy that I could use to just simply be in the now and enjoy the quiet perfect moments?

Is it a flaw in my personality?
Am I just greedy?

In that moment I made a promise to myself, to live more in the moment, to appreciate what already is and to spend less time with the if onlys from now on.

Do you spend too much time with the if onlys?
Have you seen your if onlys right in front of you now?

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