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Monday 22 July 2013

For The Love of Stuff and Nonsense

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We had the most gorgeous weather over the weekend in Sydney. 

On a scale of freezing my boobs off to melting in a puddle of sweat, I would rate it a very respectable Holy Crap this is Winter?

There is something about sunny days and the smell of people BBQing on the weekend that gets me more than a little excited that Spring is literally just around the corner. 

I can almost picture myself flinging the windows open to the sea breeze, packing away the winter woolies and air drying fresh cotton sheets in the warm sun.

Actually normally I would take the lazy way and just chuck the sheets in the dryer, but that wouldn't be worthy of you sitting there picturing it in your mind now would it?

So soft billowing air dried sheets it is Ok.

The flowers were in abundance at the grocery store this weekend. I'm guessing all the recent sunshine has sent the flowers into an early bloom or something and to celebrate, I may have gone a little crazy throwing a bunch of this and and a bunch of that into the trolley. 

But it was all for a good cause... 

ummmm ... and that cause would be me and my craving for spending a little time over the weekend just fluffing around, cutting up and arranging flowers, sticking them in some pretty vases and then photographing the bejeezus out of them.

Totally acceptable right?

Glad you agree :)

Sometimes it's the simple pottering and wasting time with Stuff and Nonsense that brings you the most joy.

Did you waste time doing anything this past weekend, just for the sake of it?