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Friday, 12 July 2013

A Fun Family Movie Night - The CheapSkates Dream

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Oh God Bless Movie Nights.

I mean seriously - what is not to love about them?

The kids are quiet and engrossed in something other than breathing all of each others air and arguing over who would be eaten by a bear first if they were lost in the wilderness.

You get some down time too, whether you are sitting snuggling up to the kids with your Vodka lime and Soda and staring off into lala land, or you are actually engrossed in the movie and laughing loudly at silly names like Farty Decker and pretending to not be perving at fit young basketball players with bandannas....

Too much info right?

Oh and the best bit? Its cheap cheap cheap!

The whole night - no more than $20 bucks for all those kids - movie included. Be still my tight ass little heart.

Last night because we were packed to the rafters, I actually managed to get out of watching this one (there just wasn't enough room for old Mum and Dad in this particular session). The kids entertained themselves whilst we got some work done and we just snuck back in every now and then to check on them and steal a handful of Malteasers and red licorice.

A few of you asked where I got some of the different bits and bobs last night on instagram, so here are the links below to the things you asked about.

So are you ready for some winter movie night snuggling this weekend?
What do you guys like to snack on?
What's the best Family Movie you have seen lately?

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