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Wednesday 31 July 2013

Make Your Own Natural Air Fresheners

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Make your own Natural Air FreshenersWant to make your own Natural Air Fresheners for your home?

My boys bedrooms suffer from smelly boy syndrome. If you are a mum of boys that play sport or you have a partner who plays sport, you will so know what I mean. That sweaty boy smell? Yuccchhh!

We have to keep our kid's bedroom doors closed during the day as we have a couple of toy thieves in our presence, otherwise known as the family dogs Milly and Max. They like to steal toys from the boys rooms and eat them.

As you do.

So you can imagine what the rooms smell like if the boys leave a couple sweaty sports clothes or sneakers chucked on the floor during the day. Actually, spare yourselves and don't imagine, instead just trust me on this - it reeks.

As you know I am on a mission to cut costs in our house where ever possible, but I have a thing for nice smelly stuff - hence why I made my own Scented candles to keep our home smelling how I like it. But obviously I'm not going to burn candles in the boys rooms and I don't want to keep spending huge amounts of money buying air fresheners. So I scouted around for recipes, tried them out and came up with these two Anti Smelly Boy products.

Better yet - they are dirt cheap. *Hive five, fist pump, double cartwheel flop* I have always sucked at cartwheels.

The first product I made is a room deodoriser. The main ingredient - Bicarb soda works to absorb the odours, and the fragrance .... well hey that shit just smells good!

Make your own Natural Air Fresheners with Bicarb
 Now this is really technical stuff, so follow carefully ok..... jokes. It couldn't be simpler.

DIY Natural Room Deoderizer

Just tuck a jar of this away on top of some shelves or somewhere out of reach and then give it a shake once a week to stir the scent up.

Now this next one - the room spray, is very dear to my heart as it uses vodka as one of the main ingredients. I know right - how could you NOT love this???

See - vodka is just so damn versatile!

DIY Natural Room Spray
Just promise me that if you use Coconut and lime fragrance like I did, that you wont be tempted to lie by the pool and spray this directly into your mouth. Yes it smells like a Pina Colada .... sadly it's not!

So there you have it - some Tight Ass all natural air fresheners that will get your boy's bedrooms and your home smelling sweet instead of sweaty!

Are you keen to give it a go?
Re you craving a Pina Colada now too?

*No vodka was harmed in the making of this tutorial. I asked it very nicely first and since we are such good friends, it kindly agreed to participate.

Make your own room deoderizers

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