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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Little Bits Of Happy - In My Office

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Sometimes it's little things just lying around that when you spy them, you smile. I call them little bits of happy and I have some in every room of my house.

These are some little bits of happy in my office at the moment.

1. One of the candles I made recently. This one is Coconut and Lime and smells DIVINE!
2. A friendship bird given to me for my birthday from my bestie. She has one and I have the other. LOVE!
3. A snakeskin clutch from Bali. I have no idea why it is in my office, but I do love it so.
4. Some pebbles I brought home with me from Bali. I close my eyes and hold them and I can almost smell the incense in the Bali air again.
5. A gorgeous necklace made for me by my lovely friend Tania from Scandi Coast Home. I wear it to death!
6. A cut little pencil case from Officeworks.
7. My most favourite notebook I could not leave without taking home with me from Little Paper Lane.
8. Cute floral straws from Brown Paper Packages. Gives my after work Vodka and Lime a little Spring touch.
9. A beautiful glass paperweight given to me for my birthday by an equally beautiful friend.
10. Daily affirmation cards - a thoughtful gift from my gorgeous Sister in Law.
11. A smelly cork flower chosen by my mini home stylist Flynn.

What little bit of happy can you spy right now where you are?