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Thursday 26 April 2012

Cocktails, Mocktails and G Forced Breasts - All on a Family Holiday!

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So we decided to do a runner these school holidays and took a road trip from Sydney to the beautiful Gold Coast for 3 days of Theme Park hell torture fun (Said with totally gritted teeth).

Ok it wasn't that bad, lining up for an hour for a 2 minute ride certainly gives one plenty of time to think, contemplate the greater things in life, plan a 5 year, 10 year and 20 year life goal and oh OK the excited laughter from the kids was kind of worth it too. Heck I even rode the Scooby Doo ride 4 times! Yup 4 times and I didn't even need my arm twisted - it was all of my own choosing and yes I did my hysterical screaming laugh at every single corner even though I knew what was coming by the second ride.

Can I just tell you though, road tripping with 4 males is a very smelly ride and despite the numerous bags of Minties that were devoured it did nothing to make their farts smell minty fresh.

Despite the kids taking their iPods with them, the noise of the three of them singing different songs all at once was just too much for these loving parents to cope with so we gave in and allowed them to play their 100% Fresh Hits and Bruno Mars CDs over and over and over again. Who needs One Direction when we were driving Australia's next big boy band to QLD.

So they have a little way to go yet until they are signed up by a label but I think they show promise. ha ha.

Staying at Sea World meant that every night at 8pm our kids stripped down to their boardies and jumped around like hooligans to the Sponge Bob Light / Water Show. Now that odd little sponge dude is kinda funny anyway, but seeing dozens of kids singing along with all their hearts "Aye Aye Captain" almost made me want to strip off and join in....almost....ok not really, I was super content spectating with my cocktail in hand.

Lord knows how, but my ten year old even managed to convince me to go on the Jet Ski ride at Sea World with him. I seriously had no idea how fast that thing takes off, had I known I would have worn a super sports bra and not such a baggy top.

Apparently the G Force impact on my nearly forty year old breasts meant I was at risk of becoming a side show attraction myself and I was lucky my puppies didn't end up back in Sydney before me with all that super fast motion.

Yes that's me checking that my puppies are still there after we got off the ride.

We were lucky enough to be on holidays with some of our Besties and somehow (damn I wish I knew how we actually pulled that one off) we managed to convince the hubbies to take the boys to Wet and Wild whilst we hit up Versace.

Wowsers that place is special and I just know I could get very used to hanging out by that pool Kardashian style, but I am just not so sure my bank manager would agree with me on that one. Damn it - how can such a little thing like money come between me and a fabulous Versace lifestyle!

Even though it was 10 am we decided that in true holiday spirit we just had to sample the cocktail menu, cause it was Versace Cocktails after all and the name Versace was all the headlining they needed to convince us. (no it's not an oversight that I am obscenely overusing the word Versace in this paragraph, I just really like the way it rolls off my tongue so easily like we belong together)

Sadly, as we perused the cocktail menu we realised we had no idea what any of the alcoholic ingredients actually were. Seriously they were names we did not even remotely recognize. There was not a single Daquiri or Mojito to be seen on that menu, so we played it safe and went for the high tea instead. How very ladylike of us - bahahahaha!

Queensland certainly knows how to turn on a sunset and despite the rain that fell we were treated every night to this spectacular show to watch as we lazed around sipping our cocktails.

Ahh yes the cocktails, I'm afraid I have turned my little metros into cocktail fiends except they went with the mocktail variety. The fact that they have zero alcohol in them didn't stop them from telling anyone that would listen that "Mum let's us have a cocktail before bed every night". After explaining for the 50th time to the taxi driver on the way home from dinner one night that they were MOCKTAILS for heavens sake ..... I decided to give up and just go with it. We all know The Mother Of The Year Award passed me by many mistakes ago so what did I have to lose.

And so it was with a fond farewell we left the Gold Coast to head back down to Byron Bay. Man I love that place - but that's a whole different story to tell on my next post.

Want a hint of things to come? Well when one is in Rome (or Byron in this case) a wannabe hippy hipster just has to buy Tie Dye. I know right - Be warned!