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Monday 30 April 2012

The One Where My Ass ate 4 Kilos !

Pin It I am sitting here writing this post rugged up like a ball of wool and stuffing my face with hot apple pie, cause it's cold and hot pie is permitted on a cold night right? Right!

Actually I totally shouldn't be eating pie on a cold night or not because can I tell ya I put on 4 kilos on my holiday. 4 Frigging kilos! All the cocktails and restaurant food was bound to catch up with me and it most certainly did, right on my backside!

It doesn't help when you are traveling with friends who are the most amazing cooks. If you are ever on the Northern Beaches Sydney - you HAVE to check out Cantina at Mona Vale, not just cause the guys who own this restaurant are some of our bestest friends ever, but their food is to die for!

We rented a gorgeous Beach House in Byron together (the first of our now annual holiday) and after eating out every night on the Gold Coast we were more than happy to kick back at home and stuff our faces with their home cooked delights and caipirinhas (I hope I spelt that right Marlos!).

If you think I am kidding, look at the faces of the kids below, not a single one of them could take their eyes of the food as they waited for Simone to dish it up.

So apart from eat what else did we do on holidays?? We drank! (ummm der) and we had massages, ohhh yeah baby the massages. We found this gorgeous little Thai Massage salon on the main street and treated ourselves once the boys got back from surfing. That was kind of how a lot of the holiday went actually, the boys went surfing then came home to take over kid wrangling whilst us girls headed out to shop or get a massage or shop a bit more.

You see I have a confession, when I visit a place I like to totally absorb myself in the culture - In other words I am the biggest nerd and in this case the biggest wannabe hippy hipster. So what does one nerd do when one said nerd visits Byron you ask? Well one has to don a tye dye dress (Oh yes I did!) have a spiritually cleansing massage and walk barefoot through the farmers markets - except I wasn't totally barefoot, but sandals count right?

I could get very used to the laid back lifestyle in Byron, it has such an intoxicating atmosphere about it where everyone just seems so calm and zen.

I love people watching and this is a fabulous place to observe the widest variety of characters and waste hours wandering through the gorgeous shops and galleries. There is a place about 3 kms out of town called The Byron Arts and Industry area and it is here you will everything your wallet will hate, from home wares to clothes designers, surfboard manufacturers and artists.

On the road you travel along to get to the art and industry district, we passed a caravan park that had a big sign out the front saying SINGLE NIGHT Camping here! I seriously nearly busted a vertebrae straining my neck to have a good look at the love fest going on in there until my hubby could breathe enough after a laughing fit to tell me that the sign actually meant you didn't have to stay there for more than one night to get a campsite and it was NOT an invitation for all the singles in Byron to come and play tent swapsies. Ohhhhhhh...... well I thought ....... you know, we were in Byron and ........ moving on!
I'm not going to bore you with any more about this holiday cause I know what its like, its a bit like being forced to sit down and watch Uncle Barry's slide show of bird sightings from 1954 - it's super interesting for those who have been on the holiday, but not so much anyone else.

So the next lot of photos are more for my mum and dad's sake to see what we got up to. My gorgeous Mum and Dad read every post of mine bless them - Everyone say Hi to my Mum and Dad.

P.S Thank you to the creator of the Car Sickness Tablet - Travel Calm. We discovered this gem as we began our journey home. Not only were the kids not sick - it knocked em out cold! I feel travel calm slushies coming on next holidays..... That was a joke ..... ok that was a bad joke...... please don't call docs on me, I sing really good lullabies.

P.S.S Thanks for the advice on how to stop my son from taking his  Hash Pipe Genie Lamp to school for news, he is happily convinced that someone else might rub the lamp and steal his wishes from the Genie so it is safely stashed away at home. If you are from DOCS really I am not worth your petrol to check me out, I'm just a bit naive at times.

P.S.S and S I am now eating my second serving of Apple Pie - thank Heavens no one needs to see me in a cossie for a while now!

  I didn't share any of this either mum but I was all classy like and didn't do my usual trick of licking it all so no one touches it. I just growled at anyone that even looked sideways at it.

 We actually shared this *ahem* along with two other decadent deserts.
You can almost see all 4 kilos that now live on my bum on that plate alone.

 And a couple of pics from my phone.


Have you been to Byron? If so what did you think?
Do you immerse yourself in the local culture too?
Do you own anything Tye Dye?
What some Pie?