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Friday 13 April 2012

Holy Moley Is that the time???

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I have a weird habit when it comes to the end of Daylight savings - Yeah I know I have a lot of weird habits don't I (actually spare me the humiliation and don't answer that).

If your new to this site, feel free to check out some of my weirder traits here and why I say Weird is the new Black!

So I was saying...weird traits... yes that's what I was saying! I was going to tell you about my little Daylight Savings trick I have. It is totally bizarre and typical of the way my mind works but stay with me on this.

You know how you turn the clock back at the end of Daylight Savings and you score an extra hours sleep in (if you are lucky), well my trick is I don't turn the clock back. Bahahahaha -yes I am totally laughing at myself and my geniusness (is so a word!).

You see I leave the clock beside my bed set at the old Daylight Savings time so every morning I wake up in a complete panic for all of five minutes and then I realise I still have an extra hour to curl up and go back to sleep.

Isn't that just the best feeling when you realise you don't have to get up yet? Please agree with me so I don't look like a total dork.

It only lasts a couple of weeks and then the novelty kinda wears off or my hubby gets sick of my clock saying the wrong time and changes it himself. But for those few extra weeks of blissful sleep ins, it is so worth me being labelled a moron.

See aren't I full of bright ideas?

OK I know it makes no sense at all really and I am totally fooling myself and delaying the inevitable that I just have to suck it up and get up. Most likely I am just being a lazy ass - but hey it works for me until such a time that I win the lottery and I can sleep in every day.

Do you have any weird habits like this?

Did you used to go to sleep with your school uniform so you got a few minutes extra sleep in the morning?

Have I just totally lost the plot and need to visit the padded white room? 

Please share with me so I can show my hubby that he is not married to a complete weirdo.

Tonight I am linking up with the beautiful Maxabella Loves cause I am totally Grateful that I can trick myself into an extra hours sleep each day. I may be weird, but I am most definitely grateful!