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Friday 8 March 2013

Welcome to Oversharers Anonymous

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So I was tagged by the lovely Lisa from Two Point Five Kids to play this '25 Questions about Me' game.

Now I have to admit when I see these types of games, the questionnaire loving geek inside of me gets all hot and excited. Yes I know I know, it's true - I am one of those people who fill in wayyyy too much information on forms and end up with little arrows telling you to flip the page over cause I ran out of room in the space provided.

Ummm so with that said, I'd like to welcome you to the first official meeting of Oversharers Anonymous.

*Stands up awkwardly*

"Hi I'm Sonia. I have verbal diarrhoea and I like to overshare".


OK let's move on to the questions shall we.

1. Where were you born? In Paddington, Sydney, AUSTRALIA.

2. Were you named after someone? I'm not really sure if I was named after anyone but I know my dad wanted to call me Bronwin Ursula Mulcahy so my initials would spell BUM. Thankfully they didn't go through with it.

3. If you have children, how many do you have? We are blessed with three gorgeous boys, Kai (11), Sammy (8) and Flynn (5). We wanted 5 kids but after breaking my legs when Sam was 6 months and then again when Flynn was 3 months we kind of decided to quit whilst we were ahead, after all I had no more legs to break and we were a little worried I might start breaking arms instead.

4. How many pets do you have? Two dogs - Max the completely neurotic poodle and Milly the mad Groodle (aka the chicken sausage). Oh and last time I checked the Goldfish called Gilly in one of my boys room, was still alive, so that makes 3..... hopefully.

5. What was your worst injury? ermm the accidents where I completely screwed my legs was pretty awful but I am not gonna go into it now because I really don't like to waste a single extra minute thinking about it if I can at all help it. You are welcome to read more about it here and here if your want more detail.

6. Do you have a special talent?  I can burp the alphabet which much to my poor mothers horror, I insisted on doing at our engagement party. Classy aren't I. Apparently I am an ancient Celtic white witch with healing powers... does that count?

7. What's your favourite thing to bake? You mean burn? haha I kind of suck at baking and have a habit of either undercooking or overcooking things in the oven. According to the kids though - I make a mean cupcake. Mean is good right???

8. Favourite Fast Food? mmmm our favourite fast food is going to our local fish shop, grabbing some fresh salmon, slicing it up and eating it sashimi style with some soy and wasabi and some fresh prawns. That's usually our Friday night dinner at our joint and the kids love it too - maybe a little too much as you have to lick your prawns so no one steals them off your plate when you aren't looking. We are a classy bunch!

9. Would you bungee jump? Love the idea of it - but probably wouldn't have the guts to do it. My legs are way too freaking expensive to risk it and the idea of leaving my dodgy legs (after they fall apart) up on the bridge attached to the rope whilst the rest of my body plunges head first into the below, well its not that appealing really. 

10. What's the first thing you notice about people?  Their vibe. I am very sensitive for some reasons to vibes people give off. That sounds really weird doesn't it? OK then, well the second thing I notice is their smile or lack of a smile if so be the case. I love smilers and I love the challenge of trying to crack a smile out of the toughest nuts.

11. When was the last time you cried? Oh man - I cry like eleventy zillion times a day. Slight exaggeration, but man I am a crier and I cry whenever I am happy or I read something nice or when I see other people happy. I am a complete sook when it comes to anything to do with kids and if you're crying, well hells bells I'll join you.

12. Any current worries? LMAO How long have you got? Whenever my kids misbehave I worry that I've broken them or completely screwed up my parenting role. I worry .... correction I obsess about their health and happiness. And I worry consistently about my hubby too and if he doesn't answer his phone when I ring him during the day, I'll ring 50 times in a row until he picks up. Partly because I want to hear his beautiful voice but mostly because when he doesn't answer I am convinced he is dead somewhere and the police are going to knock on my door any moment now to break the news. Yes - I worry wayyyyy too much.

13. Name three drinks you drink regularly. Vodka, Coffee and Vodka.

14. What's your favourite Book? I have a lot of favourite books, but the one that I keep going back to read over and over again is Eckhart Tolle's The Power of Now. That book completely changed my outlook on life. Someone gave me a copy when I was in the depths of depression following my accident and it completely changed me and to a degree - healed me.

15. Would you like to be a Pirate? Is this a trick question? Do I get to do Orlando Bloom? (Sorry Miranda).

16. Favourite Smells? mmmmm easy - Anything Vanilla or cinnamon and the smell of the sea spray on a warm night.

17. Why do you blog? Whilst I completely started by accident, I found that I just love to write. I find comfort in sharing the randomness going through my head and sometimes by putting those thoughts into written words, they suddenly start to make sense. Also through blogging I have met so many wonderful people and I love that the internet can connect us with others who share common interests, regardless of distance or circumstance.

18. What song do you want played at your funeral? 
Somewhere over the Rainbow .... but this version.

19. What is your least favourite thing about yourself? My legs and my ass, but I am hoping my ass and I will be friends again soon.

20. Favourite hobby? Shopping - most definitely shopping!

21. What do you look for in a friend? Someone who is honest and down to earth. I love friends who inspire me and who have a wicked sense of humour and I can share a good old nose snorting laugh with. When I look at all of my closest friends, they all have kind & gentle souls and I adore that about them.

22. Name something that you have done that you never thought you would. I jumped off the side of a mountain strapped to a complete stranger and a parachute. I still cant quite believe I actually went through with  that moment of insanity. But it was so worth it.

23. Favourite fun thing to do.  There are so many fun things I love to do so its hard to pick just one. If I am on my own, I love to sit in a cafe with a good magazine and just watch the world go by. If its fun with others - well then nothing beats snuggling up on the couch with my hubby and my boys, watching a really silly high school teen movie and eating big bowls of ice cream. No I'm not 12 but its fun anyway.

24. Any pet peeves? hmmm I have a few of those, but I will stick with three. Lying, snobbery and snoring.

25. What's the last thing that made you laugh? My boys - they always make me cack those big hearty snorters. Tonight I took my boys to get haircuts and I was laughing at my 5 year old making the most hilarious faces in the mirror whilst his hair was being cut - completely oblivious to the fact that everyone in the salon was watching him and laughing too. Oh and I laughed because the middle one farted really loud and well quite frankly toilet humour gets me every time.

Now the rules apparently say I am how supposed to tag other people to play along, but I kind of suck at playing by the rules and I never know who has been tagged or not anyway. 

So instead - I'd love YOU to pick one or two questions from above (or as many as you want if you promise to meet me at the next oversharers meeting) and answer them in the comments below. 

Go on .... humour me ;)