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Friday 1 March 2013

Huge Plans for a Whole Lotta Nothing!

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Yeeeehaw it's Friday .... Hallelujah for small miracles (like Fridays). Normally about now I would be welcoming in the weekend with a Caprioska or two and the absence of the ice clinking is completely unnerving and totally unfamiliar.

A weekend of no drinking ..... we are entering unchartered territory here people. Not that I am a huge drinker by any means (I CANNOT do kids and hangovers), but I do like my evening Vodka, Lime and Soda. Ohhhh Vodka, how I miss thee. We will be united my love - in precisely 5 weeks and 1 day!

By the way my husband tells me that my posts this week have been completely random. So I thought I would check in with you guys. Have they really? More random than normal???

So its the first day of Autumn and normally the thought of bidding adieu to summer would have me desperately shaking up some summery cocktails and sitting out by the pool trying to milk every last warm breeze and every last ray of glorious sun.

But that wont be happening this weekend. Partially because I can't drink those delicious summer cocktails whilst I'm on this 'Lose my Ass' diet, and mostly because the weather here is Sydney is absolutely crappola today and isn't expected to get much better over the weekend.

Surprisingly I don't mind so much.

WHAT have you gone insane Sonia??? I hear you ask.

Quite possibly, meh most likely....

OK the answer is yes, but we all knew that anyway right so no surprises there.

Alright, the reason for my willingness to embrace this crappy weather is because it is the perfect excuse after a few weeks of the back to school craziness, to just hang around at home and do well pretty much not a lot at all. All the weekend sports start up in the next few weeks so I am intending on making the most of these relatively quiet last few weekends.

I have a bucket load of projects to work on. I'm a true Gemini in that I get bored easily and like to have many different things on the go at any given time, so there are at least a dozen half finished 'great ideas' lying around my office that I could play with.

I might be inspired to don an apron and potter around in the kitchen doing a little baking.

Bahahaha yeah OK I might attempt to not burn some cakes or something.

I'm going to fight the dogs for a spot on the couch where I will perhaps curl up with a book and pretend I'm reading ..... with my eyes closed.

I will make a start on the zillion and one magazines I keep buying but have yet to had time to sit down actually read.

Of course there will be of course lots of knitting - after all I still have 71 freaking squares to finish to make that ambitious blanket I insisted on starting.

Oh and let's not forget I completely intend to spend a disgusting amount of time in my bed this weekend watching all the recorded episodes of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Vanderpump Rules that I have on my Foxtel IQ.

Speaking of Vanderpump rules, I LOVE that trashy show! Please tell me I am not standing out on my own declaring my love for a show about some pretentious spoilt models working in an overpriced Beverly Hills restaurant ...... pretty please.....

So that's what I have planned for this weekend. A whole lotta nothing! 
I suppose that is kind of random after all isn't it?

How about you - what's your plans?