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Wednesday 6 March 2013

Win a $100 Kitchenware Direct Voucher for Taking Some Time to Yourself!

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With all the rushing around after the kids we do, often us Mums and Dads get totally ripped off in the me time stakes. You know the drill, you buy a couple of your favourite magazines and they sit on the coffee table for weeks on end because that half hour with your feet up and a cuppa just never bloody happens.

*cue the violins* I'm on a roll here.

Now its not that I don't feel sorry for the dads missing out on some me time, but quite frankly I'm here to champion the mums today.

How often do you say to yourself, I wish I had just 10 minutes to do something for me? OK so I would actually prefer an hour or two over 10 minutes, but beggars cant be choosers right?

I'm guessing you have friends that you have been busting to catch up with for a good old gasbag and yet whilst you guys keep promising each other it will happen soon, it doesn't - cause you are just too busy being mum!

Fiona, Gemma and I are like that.

We have an absolute ball together and yet we have to book that time in weeks and weeks ahead. So when Kitchenware Direct asked us to take some time out for ourselves and suggested a High Tea might be a nice way to spend the afternoon, we were all Hell to the Yeah ....... or yeah to the Hell ....... or What the Hell Ever - YES YES YES!!!!

An opportunity to get together, foof around styling up a fancy tea table using the fancy Maxwell and Williams  Enchante Tea sets they kindly sent us, eat cake and pretend to drink tea when it was really vodka in those cups?

Ummmm Hellooooo we don't need to be asked twice.

Not wanting anyone to let distance be an obstacle to joining us in our self imposed time out session, we invited you guys to take some Mumtime for yourselves and send us a snap on instagram for a chance to win a tea set, which you did - and we had an absolute cack looking at some of the creative ways you guys took time out for yourselves.

Whilst having a get together with some friends is always a great way to take some time out for yourself, for various reasons it isn't always possible. So here are my favourite 5 ways to take some timeout for myself.

Clearly I was being facetious!

Now about that winning part of this post ..... 

The lovely gang at Kitchenware Direct would like one of you guys to win a $100 Gift voucher to spend on choosing something for yourself from their online store. Something that you can use to make your Mum Time a little special.

All you have to do is visit the Kitchenware Direct Online Store and tell me what you choose?

 Terms and Conditions
  • Competitions are open to Australian residents only
  • This is a Game of Skill and the winners will be chosen for their most creative answers.
  • Prizes will be sent to you direct from Kitchenware Direct..
  • The winners will be announced on this post right here on my blog and contacted by email. They will have 5 days to contact me to claim their prize. If the winner does not make contact me the prize will be redrawn and a new winner notified by email.
  • The Competition is open now and closes at 7pm AEST Wednesday 20/03/13. 
So go on get cracking! ;)

* I was not paid for this post but we were each provided with a tea set for our afternoon tea. 
(P.S I gave mine away to one of the mums who submitted a #KWDirectMumtime photo on instagram)


Melinda Dartnell  19 days ago

  • Hi Sonja
I would absolutely choose the Grosvenor Dover 60pc cutlery set only because when i left the ex i took my two little darlings and he kept everything else so that would come in handy and than i could have a dinner party or two and give my guests more than just a fork (hehe).

I can only imagine how difficult it must be starting over again after a marriage breakup and I agree guests occasionally need more than a fork :) Congratulations Melinda! You have won yourself a Kitchenware Direct voucher.