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Tuesday 2 December 2014

DIY Fizzy Bath Bombs

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I have been wanting to have a go at making the fizzy bath bomb thingamajigs for like forever.. and I have no idea why I haven't before now.

Maybe because there is 121 gazillion other projects on my 'want to make list' and I got distracted.


I can finally cross this one off and in perfect time to hand out for Christmas too!

Woohoo - So not only are people getting Salted Caramel Pretzel Bark and Raspberry Jam from me this Chrissy... they're now gonna be lumped with these divine smelling coconut and lime fizzy bath bombs.

OK now let's face it - my bath bombs are a little ummm... rustic looking. They aren't perfectly shaped or consistent in size but meh, they smell good enough to eat and they fizz like no man's business so job done in my opinion.

Not that they will help to get this creature clean...

You can pick up all the ingredients you need at your local grocery store, including the cellophane to wrap them in. I bought the Coconut and Lime Fragrance from Aussie Candle Supplies.

The first batch I made a little too wet (I added too much water) and so they kind of fizzed up in the moulds like some kind of alien life form. But after I added some more cornflour and bicarb soda to dry them up a bit, they were as good as.

You really want the mixture to be powdery but wet enough to be able to shape the mixture in your hands and have it stay stuck together without it being too wet before you pack it into the trays. Just experiment and add some more bicarb and cornflour if you stuff it up like I did.

Oh and pack that stuff in tightly, like smash it into the mould really well! You want a dense bomb so it doesnt just fall apart as soon as you plop it in the bath.

So that's it - start handing these babies out to every man and dog this Christmas and you too can feel all virtuous and homely and somewhat creative and...

yeah maybe that's just my inner Martha Mudguts taking over again.

Sorry about that.

Settle Martha!

Anyway, I've got a bag to pack so later lovelies.