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Friday 12 December 2014

Weekend Rewind - Home Again

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So after what seems like a total whirlwind of an adventure, I am home sweet home and there is truly no better place to be.

Why is it that the time between leaving to go home and the actual point where you get to the other end and can finally hug those waiting for you, seems to last an eternity.

When you know the people you love most in the world are just on the other side of a wall and yet you have to line up and wait until you get to see them... it is pure torture.

But seeing those huge smiles on my boys and hubby when they spotted me in the airport was worth the wait and those cuddles.... ohhhh sweet baby cheeses those cling to you and not let go kind of cuddles are the best.

There is nothing better in the entire world.

I have so much I want to share with you guys about Dubai. I have over 1000 photos to sort through and pages and pages of scribbled notes to digest. But before I do ANY of that, I need to spend some serious time lapping up the awesomeness that comes with being home with my family.

I was so freaking exhausted when I arrived home yesterday. Despite taking a sleeping pill on the plane, sleep evaded me and when I finally walked through the front door, it was all I could manage to jump in the shower before falling into bed.

And as for bed.... Ohhhh bed! How good is your own bed when you are that dog tired?

I managed to sleep through until 2.30 this morning and then my body caught up with my brain or visa versa and that was it., nap time was over and I was awake with next to no chance of going back to sleep.

Today was spent tidying up, wandering around like a zombie, unpacking, washing, attempting to make a dent in the emails whilst fighting zombie urges to go back to bed... and some more washing for good measure.

I somehow even managed to forget to pick my kids up from school.

I know right - Mother of the year award coming my way.

I mean I didn't completely forget them... well not for too long anyway. And when I did eventually arrive to pick them up they were all "We had a feeling you might eventually come for us Mum, but it was really exciting to see if we were right".

Bless those little munchkins. Their faith in me is very sweet even if somewhat undeserved in this case.

As I was flying home yesterday, I tried to narrow down some of the things I learnt on this trip away, there were a lot more but to be honest I cannot for the life of me remember them at the moment and I am too tired to get of the couch and dig through my bag for the scraps of paper I wrote them on.

I'm hoping that they will return to me with a G&T and a few more hours sleep under the belt.

Anyway, here are ten that I can remember... for now...

1. Flying gives me gas.

2. Flying and trying to hold in those farts for 14 hours gives me a tummy ache and even more gas.

3. The combination of flying induced gas and lots of spicy legumes equates to gas of astronomical proportions.

4. I can go away by myself and actually enjoy the time away without feeling too guilty.

5. Being away from your children makes you remember them for the sweet little cherubs they can be rather than the turds they were on the way to the airport to drop you off.

6. The perfect memories of the said sweet cherubs only lasts until you have to referee the first punch up over who gets to push mummy's fancy shmancy wheelie suitcase to the car.

7. Despite the incredibly beautiful places that exist in this world, there is no place more beautiful than at home with those you love.

8. I really like Buffet breakfasts, especially if there is french toast and smoothies on offer.

9. I am not a huge fan of dates and Arabic coffee.

10. I am incredibly blessed and so beyond grateful for the opportunities that this blog has bestowed upon me and even more grateful and blessed to have such a supportive husband, family and friends.

I usually find the hardest part about coming home from such an incredible trip is the coming down from the high you have been on.

Fortunately I have arrived home in time to get stuck into all pre Christmas festivities and I plan on playing catch up on cuddles with the hubby and the kids by spending some time on the couch tonight with popcorn and a few Christmas movies... and yeah OK, maybe a few toothpicks to keep my eyes open too.

How have you been? What have you been up to?
Have you ever forgotten to pick your kids up from school?

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