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Monday 20 July 2015

I Was A Mother's Group Drop Out!

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I didn't join a mother's group when my kids were babies. The health nurse at our local baby clinic somehow convinced me to go along to the first meeting, but I had pretty much determined within the first 15 minutes that the women who were there that day, weren't really my cup of tea.

Kai and most of the gummy munchkins were less than three weeks old and I think the oldest baby was six weeks.  But apparently six weeks was a whole lot older than our babies and so the very confident mum of the six week old appointed herself as the leader of the pack and the expert in all things mother and baby related.

Quite frankly - within ten minutes I found myself with an irresistible urge to punch her.

You'll be relieved to hear that I didn't.. punch her that is. I mean I had enough trouble carrying myself and my stitched up broken bits without the added stress of assaulting anyone. But once the comparing of what each other's babies were doing and who was sleeping for how long and feeding like a pro and yada yada set in, I legged it out of there and never went back.

I saw the group a little while later when I was at a local park. I spied the boss mum leading the bugaboo pack through the playground and I desperately avoided eye contact whilst I sat like a Nigel nobody drinking my cold decaf coffee and watched my baby sleeping in his pram. 

I remember feeling really lonely and wishing I had maybe persevered with the group or at least made more of an effort to find myself some fellow mums that I related to and that I could share stories with and ask the awkward questions I was too embarrassed to ask a proper qualified person about.

I didn't go back to mothers group when my second and third babies were born either, but by then most of my girlfriends were also having kids and so I am happy to say I had friends to sit at the park with.

The online world has changed the dynamics and created a whole new playground when it comes to being a mum these days. 

There are forums and Facebook groups and a whole host of fellow mums and friends and experts that you can talk to and have immediate access to tips and advice and virtual shoulders to sob on when needed.

Mums Helping Mums is a platform created by Baby Bumkins  - a brand developed to support us mums dad, and families on our journeys through parenthood. It is a place where you can ask those questions and share your stories and have a little laugh or cry without fear of judgement or comparison.

I am thrilled to be a part of the Mums Helping Mums along with my fellow bloggers Kelly from Be a Fun Mum and Sarah from Move Fuel Love

If you are a mum or a mum to be, head on over and join in the conversation. You can also connect with the Mum's Helping Mums community & Baby Bumkins on Facebook here.

Did you belong to a Mother's Group
Did you have a good experience or did you luck out like I did?