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Tuesday 14 July 2015

Pickle Me Pork Chops - I'm Back!

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Well pickle me pork chops, it’s been a while hasn’t it?!

How are you guys doing?

I have a lot to catch up on and lots of bloggy reading to do and even though I didn’t actually set out to take a couple of weeks off from the blog, I just kind of did and it was good - if you know what I mean.

School holidays, the warehouse refurb and new businesses, work and life just went a little nuts there for a while and if I had balls … well I am pretty sure I would have well and truly busted them in juggle to do it all. But rather than putting an ice pack on those somewhat non existent balls and moaning about them... on the contrary, the juggling has been quite the hoot.

I have come to the conclusion that a wee break from blogging every now and then is a good thing. 

Despite the fact that blogging is something we love to do, there are times where life will get a little crazy and everything I want to say just sounds all blah blah blah. 

Not that I have anything against blah blah blah, its just that I am more interested in other people's blah blah than I am my own.

When life gets all crazy blah blah like that, I think you need to make a choice - try to pretend the crazy isn't really happening, or, dive on in and actually enjoy being a part of the crazy for a while rather than attempting to direct it from the sidelines.

So the warehouse makeover is now complete and we are busy stocking the retail shop and planning the workshops. 

It has been six weeks of work, days & nights, seven days a week and all hands on deck - hubbies and kids included, but I am so proud to say that we are finally there and ready to rock and roll.

I plan on taking loads of pics of the various spaces over the next few days, and when I say various spaces I mean we are more than just the workshops we originally set out to be. 

I guess you can say our vision evolved and now we are five businesses under the one roof and all of the businesses are run by a combination of myself and / or my two partners in crime Tessa & Kate.

I’ll share those pics with you soon and the story behind how it all came to be, but in the meantime I am literally busting those pickled pork chops to let you know that the first workshop is all booked in and it is a Dreamweavers work shop where you hands on make dream catchers with none other than our gorgeous friend Jayde from Little Paper Lane.

The 1st workshop takes place on Saturday the 1st August - which also happens to be our official opening day and you can get all the info or book a ticket here.

Besides the awesome Jayde being an integral part of our creative team, we have a whole load of clever clogs lined up to host workshops that include arts & crafts, calligraphy & small business topics, health & wellbeing, interior design and mixology… all served with a champs or a coffee and a shitload of fun.

There are new workshops being loaded daily so keep your eye on the DTLL Workshops website, Facebook page or Instagram page to stay up to date.

I’d love to hear what kind of workshops you guys would be interested in doing?
I also want to hear what you have been up to?

Any exciting news? 
What’s been happening?

Spill the beans people cause I missed you!