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Friday 13 November 2015

I'm Calling *Cough Cough BULLSHIT Cough*

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I had a meeting about one of my boys at his school yesterday.

Just so we are clear I actually called the meeting.

I know!

Insane right?!

I mean who offers themselves up for a meeting when there is a big fat chance you are not necessarily going to like what you hear.

I'm having a bit of trouble motivating one of my squidions to do his homework and I needed to talk to his teachers about whether it is something they are also finding is happening at school, or whether I am just a complete pushover who can't get her kid to do his homework?

I mean I don't blame him.

My boys that is.

Personally I think homework totally sucks, and if I could - I would avoid it at all costs too. But as the current rule stands at their school, homework needs to be done to the best that we can manage.

"We are finding it a little hard to motivate him to do his work" was the response I got to my question about how he is doing during school time.

Ummm welcome to my world... I wanted to say but didn't because that's not really the sort of thing a proper adult says to her child's teachers.. I think.

"Do you have any tips on how you keep him motivated at home?" I was asked.

Sooooo I guess this is where the confessions begin and any credibility on my part ends.

"Ummm I printed off registration forms for another school the other day and left them on the kitchen bench so that they were sure to be 'found'" I began with.

"Aaaaand, I may have also googled images of boarding school and juvenile detention centres and left them open on the desktop too. I added.

I'm not sure if it was admiration or disgust written all over his face, but I am gonna go with the one that is better for my ego - admiration for my outstanding matching of wits to a very wit rich child.

"Ahhh ok, then maybe we should try letting him know that you and I are talking and that might shake him up a little" our lovely teacher offered.

"Oh we, you and I ( I said pointing to him and I) We talk ALLLLL the time" I declared.

"OK so I pretend to talk to you.. you know just to keep him on his toes and all that and that's really because I had to stop pretending to call the police because everyone told me that was like a REALLY bad thing to do so.... ummm yeah".

And so my meeting with the teachers clearly went a long way to explain my son's lack of motivation.

He's probably too busy spinning *Cough Cough BULLSHIT Cough* to his teacher like his mum does to him to actually have any time to focus on getting any proper work done.

I will probably get the right balance one day when it comes to  this parenting gig... and I will make one heck of a responsible grandparent.

I hope...

OK Your turn, fess up.

What big whoppers have you told your kids lately?
Are you for or against homework at your house?

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She has a knack for find the best gifts ever and frequently makes me want to have another baby just so I can shop for baby items.

Yes I REALLY did just say that.


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