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Tuesday 24 November 2015

Northern Beaches Alive and Living

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That stunning photo above is from the incredibly talented Sean Mulcahy from Australian Network Productions.

OK so he's my brother... and I may be a little bit *ahem* biased, but that doesn't for one moment take away from the fact that he IS an incredibly talented individual.

I'm pretty sure I've told you before about my big bro. He'a camera man slash producer slash photographer slash drone operator who not only had the privilege of filming Princess Diana's funeral for the world to witness, he has also travelled along the front line of warn torn countries capturing the images we see on our news.

He is also the dad of my precious niece Meg whose beautiful voice I often share on social.

Talent clearly abounds in that side of the family huh?!

And because my pride is kind of at busting point right now - I just wanted to share a video Sean made of where we live on Sydney's Northern Beaches.

Five years it took to create this video.


And more than 90,000 photographs painstakingly pieced together to create this masterpiece - Northern Beaches - Alive and Living.

Proud much?



"After 5 long years and more than 90,000 photographs, my tiltshift portrait of Sydney's Northern Beaches titled "Alive & Living" is finished. 

The Creative Creatures Film Festival was the final motivation I needed to get it over the line and as such, is a proud entry into this years event. 

Having traveled to more than 60 countries, I have been unable to find anywhere I would rather live than where I do in the Northern Beaches. We are extremely lucky to have such an amazing stretch of coastline between Manly and Palm Beach with such a diverse array of activities available to us.

This project was a labour of love, using a technique involving taking hundreds of photos of a scene with a tiltshift lens. The tiltshift lens gives the illusion of a very narrow depth of field using selective focus and thereby creating a 'miniature' look. The photographs were then joined together to form a 'time lapse' sequence and effectively a video. It's not a new technique and there have been many wonderful projects completed using it including those done by Keith Loutit.

This is my celebration of The Northern Beaches." - Sean Mulcahy

OK cue the shameless plug!

Australian Network Productions is a full service production and development company that can assemble the correct team of producers, directors script writers, cameramen, audio engineers, post-production specialists and online developers

You can view some of Sean's other work on Vimeo here.

Or you can find him at;
Sean Mulcahy – Email: