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Friday 21 October 2016

And The Award For The Baddest Bad Blogger Crown Goes To...

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Oh I have been a bad bad blogger lately... like if there was some kind of award ceremony for the baddest of the bad bloggers then I would be shuffling my feet up to the podium to accept my crown.

I have been doing a bit of a crazy lady routine with my work and with the impending move of Little Lane Workshops to it's new studio, and although I have so much to rabbit on about - there have just not been enough hours left in the day to write anything here or visit all the blogs I normally love to visit too. 

As my nine year old would so eloquently put it - that sucks bog balls! 

He actually said "that sucks dog's balls" but then he pretty quickly tried to convince me he said "bog balls" after I threatened to wash his mouth out with soap on tap.

On top of my daily crazy lady routine I got banned from Facebook earlier this week. Yup. Because of a photo that I shared over three years ago... THREE YEARS. 

If you can hear me Facebook - I think you should know that you're an asshole!

I think my ban ends some time over the weekend,  but until then I have to log in as someone else to access any of my own or my client's accounts and I can't even wish Happy Birthday to all the lovely people that Facebook tells me has a birthday each day. 

Here's a little bit of advice for you guys with business pages - learn from my lesson. Add a friend or your partner as admin on your page, that way, if you ever find yourself locked out of your Facebook account for any dumb ass reason, you will still be able to access your page from the other admin's account.

I'm gonna be honest... I have not been coping to well with all the stress lately, and I have not been doing a very good job of hiding it either. I'm a cranky mole, I have like ZERO patience and I even growled at someone at the traffic lights the other day.

I've been walking around a bit zombified because I have been lying awake at night worrying about the move, and about how cranky I am and about whether if I was killed by a rogue unicorn tomorrow would my kids would remember me as a grouchy mum who was too tired and impatient to play monopoly with them and let them eat a whole box of cereal for afternoon tea because I was too busy to make them a proper snack?  I have been worrying about this and that and well, pretty much EVERYTHING. 

It's no secret that I have a PHD in worrying and the more stress I am under, the more I worry and then of course the more that I worry - the more that I stress yada yada. 

I'm working on it, worrying less that is, and I am trying to remind myself regularly to just 'calm the fuck down'. 

I know in my heart that things will settle down after we officially move next weekend... but still... I suck at taking my own advice in the meantime.

So anyway - that's why there have been loads of crickets chirping around here lately and why I have been unusually quiet for me and hello? Is anyone still there or have I sent you into a snoring coma from my rambling tripe?

I look forward to getting back into some kind of near to normal sort of routine in the next few weeks and to my bloggy pals, please know that I am missing you and I'm looking forward to catching up on what all of you guys have been doing.

Are you still there or have I made you snore?
What are you up to?
How well do you handle stress? Any tips you can give me?