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Friday 7 October 2016

Time To Fess Up

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Celebrity crushes... we all have them at one time or another.

Me personally? Oh I am an absolute tragic.

It generally starts after I watch a movie and then I have a dream about some actor from that said movie and then when I wake up in the morning I have this uncontrollable need to watch like every movie they have ever starred in.... EVR!

Take Paul Walker for example. RIP you beautiful human.

One day I watched him in a Christmas movie Noel and BAM just like that he hooked me in with his blue eyed blonde hair gorgeousness. Suddenly I found myself a fan of fast cars and drug heists, ok maybe more a fan of movies about fast cars and drug heist that Paul Walker starred in.

Really though, it would take a cold blooded one to resist him.

Speaking about cold blooded ones - I have just recovered from my two night binge feast on the most famous cold blooded one - Edward Cullen in Twilight. Actually Edward Cullen in all 5 movies in the Twilight series which I managed to devour in two evenings on Netflix.

Now normally I don't go for the pale skinned Vampirish type, but there is definitely something about those dark eyed broody stares that lures you in... right?

Please tell me I am not the only Twilight tragic around here.

There have been many a movie induced celeb crush in my lifetime...

Josh Duhamel - Safe Haven

Freddie Prinze Jr - She's All That

George Clooney - Oceans Eleven

Chris Hemsworth - Thor

Brad Pitt - Meet Joe Black.
Oh Ok. Brad Pitt in ANYTHING.

 It seems I don't even have a type when it comes to my celebrity crushes... just a whole lot of hunky randomness.

But don't worry my darling hubby... as you know I get over then pretty quick.

One bad haircut or one lame movie and I am done as!

Your turn to fess up...
Who have been some of your past and present celebrity crushes 
and what movie turned you?