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Monday 17 October 2016

On My Bedside Table

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We put our crystals out into the full moon light last night... cause yeah well, we are a little that way inclined in our house. 

Except for the hubby, he just kind of rolls his eyes at us as he thinks the kids and I are all a little 'out there' but because he loves us he is totally happy to indulge us and so he helped us to carry all our precious stones outside AND let us use his precious BBQ to sit them because it was perfectly positioned under the moonlight.

I've found myself drawn more and more to crystals lately. 

I am intrigued by the individual meanings of them and what they represent and the fact that they are more often than not just so darn pretty to look at certainly deserves a mention too.

I tend to stuff a few into my bra or my pockets on any given day and there is no real rhyme or reason as to which ones I choose. I simply hold my hand over the bowl of crystals and pick out the first ones that I am drawn to. 

Crystals work like that, they draw you to them depending on what you need at any given time. 

Of course, no matter how much I need it, I don't pick that big chunk of green calcite to shove in my bra, because that would just look a little ummm wrong.

I have quite a few crystals sitting on my bedside table, including that big chunk of calcite.

Calicite is an excellent healing stone. It helps you to rid yourself of old habits and beliefs and is also used to aid in the healing of bones, muscle and ligaments... all things I definitely need a little help with, especially the changing bad habits bit. 

I have been promising myself I will go to bed earlier for like 10 years now and yet I can't seem to ever manage to turn out the light before at least midnight. 

I've read up on a load of stuff lately about switching off at night, and along with all the usual culprits like not using blue screens at night, keeping your phone out of your bedroom, making sure your room is uncluttered and kept at the right temp yada yada... I have also read a little into the principles of Feng Shui and how they should be applied to your bedroom.

Did you know that what you keep on your bedside table and even the actual table itself could be affecting how you sleep?

Yup, apparently so.

According to numerous ancient sources, bedside tables should be matching for couples as this contributes to a feeling of balance within a relationship. 

They should never have sharp edges either... your bedside table can be square or round, but the corners should always be rounded because sharp corners are considered to be poison arrows that attract negativity whilst you sleep.

Struth Ruth!

The base of your bedside table should be solid or evenly balanced with four legs and ideally it would have a drawer of cupboard door on it so that you can store things in it rather than on top of it. The storage component of a nightstand represents abundance.

Ideally you would keep a plant on your bedside, and a photo of those closest to you. A plant represents rejuvenation and growth for your body and soul and the photo of your loved ones is a blessed reminder of whom you put first from the moment you wake to the moment you fall asleep.

Lastly, you should keep your bedside table uncluttered, too much stuff like notebooks, phones, a pile of books etc, could make your mind feel 'busy' at a time when you want it to be quiet.

Well there you go huh?

I had no idea about all of this until I went down that rabbit hole. 

Needless to say I gave my bedside a good old tidy up because HELLO... I'm totally superstitious and all that.

Do you follow any of the Feng Shui principles?
What do you keep on your bedside table?