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Wednesday 4 January 2017

My Word For The Year Is...

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It was a few years back when my beautiful friend Bron told me about how every year she chooses a word for the year that reflects what she hopes to achieve or how she would like things to flow for the year, and every year since then I have chosen my own word too.

Last year, the word that I chose was 'change' and in hindsight I probably should have eaten that word right from the beginning (instead of all the other crap I ate) because I am pretty sure I bit of more than I could chew with that one and I still have my ass to show for it.

2016 saw SO MUCH change for us all around the world and for me too, more than I could actually handle and so in future I will be careful what I wish for.

This year I am slowing down the pace and I have chosen this word...

Yup, where last year my brain clearly snapped and I thought change was what I wanted, this year I am all about simplifying things.

I want to simplify the way I live and the way I work and the way that I blog.

I don't know about you, but last year I felt my head was going to explode with everything that I was trying to do and keep up with. All the different social media apps, different ways to connect with people and all the things I thought I needed and should be doing and yada yada.

The reality is - I don't need to do it all and have it all and try to be everything and something to everyone, nor do you you know. We just can't and so we only get ourselves in a pickle even trying.

So this year, simplicity it is.

Simple eating.

Simple blogging.

Simple living.

Simple loving.

Simple connections... just a simple life. 

That is what I hope I look back at this time of the year next year and say YESSSS I nailed that word!

What's your word?
Did you have a word for last year? How did it pan out for you?