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Monday 30 January 2017

Unexpected Breaks and New Beginnings

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How good are unexpected breaks?

Like REALLY good in my opinion.

I didn't actually mean to take a break from blogging... but life kind of just happened for a while and the blog didn't. 

No drama.

No excuses,

Just no blog for a little while and that's all.

January has been a slow month for us and I have been busy doing as little as I could possibly get away with work wise and enjoying time with the kids during the holidays.

We didn't go away anywhere, instead we chose to mooch around at home and the beach, and honestly - I feel as relaxed, if not more than I reckon I would have been if we had gone away.

It was a big day in our house today you guys, in fact it's a huge week, as it is for so many of us with school age kids.

Flynn starting at a new school, Sam starts high school... and Kai... well Kai is just going back to his same high school and into a higher grade.

Flynn had his first day at his new school today.

You may remember we made the huge decision to change at the end of last year and so we have been anxiously awaiting the start of school. He has been excited about it, we all have... but as the day drew closer we could see little hints of nerves showing through in him... in all of us in fact.

You question yourself - Have we done the right thing in changing schools? Is it going to be OK, is HE going to be OK? Have we made a mistake?

Yep, I've questioned it all and more and despite that today arrived, ready or not.

Flynn was up bright and early, dressed in his new uniform and ready to rock and roll, but then somewhere between a bowl of cereal and the time to get in the car, the nerves amplified and the tears came.

Oh man... those tears.

Rip my heart out, throw it on the floor and stomp all over it why don't you.

What I would have done to make those tears stop.

But I couldn't make them stop because they were determined to make their presence known. That said, a friend made me see today that maybe the tears were a good thing. A release for him or some kind of natural therapy if you will.

After what felt like the longest morning ever, we arrived at school, introduced him to his new teacher and classroom and then said our goodbyes and left.

That was hard.

SO hard.

I remember how hard it felt when the boys each started kindergarten. We were all nervous yet excited, hopeful but scared. There were new people to meet, routines to learn and you hoped with all your heart that they would make some friends and be happy, but you also knew that everyone else there holding their children's little hands were all in the same boat and starting on an even playing field.

However changing schools a few years in (or at any stage really) comes with its own set of challenges. There were still new people to meet and the new routines to adjust to too, but in some ways I think it is harder than when they were back in Kindergarten because friendships have already been made before you arrived and you / they kind of need to figure out where they fit in.

I desperately wanted to stalk him at lunchtime, just to make sure he was OK and not sitting somewhere on his own feeling sad and lonely.

But I didn't, which I think is a great show of restraint on my behalf don't you?

Don't get me wrong... I nearly caved and had my husband not put the car keys somewhere out of my sight who knows how much restraint I would really have shown.

Instead, I spent the day counting down the hours and minutes until pick up time and then fifteen minutes before the bell went, I legged it as fast as my wobbly legs could carry me and I was there at school, eagerly waiting to see his beautiful face.

Would it be happy?

Would it be sad?

Would I be able to tell how it all went from one look at his face?

It turns out I could because judging by the shy smile he wore as he piled out of his classroom with the other kids - he was happy.


He said there were a few moments in the morning where he was feeling 'a bit nervous and a bit miserable', it was just before recess and he got to thinking about how much he missed his old school friends, but then a couple of gorgeous boys took him under their wing and the day was saved.

He did it.

They did it.

We did it.

Although it is only early days, I have a good feeling about this change. I think everything is going to be AOK.

Next stop tomorrow - high school for another new beginning.

How has this happened so quickly?

Me thinks I'm gonna need a bucket load of coffee and Tim Tams to get me through this week.

How are you guys doing?
Did you have any kids starting School or High School for the first time today or changing schools? How did they / you cope?
Did you or your kids ever change schools and have any advice for my little guy.. or me?