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Tuesday 17 July 2012

The Calm AFTER the Storm - Otherwise Known as Mornings

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It's the quiet few moments after the noise and chaos that is called mornings in our house, that I treasure the most in my day.

I know I am so not alone in the morning madness and selfishly I find solace in the thought that as I seethe at the lack of cooperation from my children's part, there are millions of other mums tearing their hair out that precise moment. Go the Sisterhood!

Despite the fact shoes have been set out the night before ready for the morning, they are hidden overnight by what I can only assume is some cruel weird poltergeist with a twisted sense of humour. Homework books disappear, drink bottles vanish, freshly ironed uniforms are crushed, kids are fighting over who gets the last serve of the Cereal that they normally don't eat but suddenly want because someone else has decided they want it too, dogs are barking desperate for their morning feed and my children seem to get some sort of sick joy out of my husband and I shouting at them like deranged loonies to hurry up and get dressed already like fifty two times in the space of an hour. ARGGHHHHHH Take a breath Sonia!

Eventually, I kiss them all goodbye as they pile out the door with my husband and I breathe in the sweet silence and absorb the calmness. I race to finish the breakfast clean up so that I can steal 10 minutes to sit down with my breakkie and a cuppa before I have to dive into my work for the day.

It's my time, ALL mine and I love nothing better than to soak up Every. Precious. Minute, eating my breakfast, drinking my cuppa and writing up my beloved lists of things to do for the day. Then ironically I put on some background music because all of sudden it seems just too quiet around here!

Do you have some special 'Me' time that you are fiercely protective of?
Do you get to eat your breakfast in peace or are you an on the go kind of gal?
Don't you hate the crushed leftovers at the bottom of the cereal box?