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Saturday 7 July 2012

Fifty Shades of Blushing

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If you think I have been a little quiet on the front in the past week or so, you know absent from Facebook and Blog commenting, you're not mistaken because I have been. I am sorry for going AWOL but I have a damn good reason you know.

In between getting all DIY around here, I have also been well and truly sucked in to the whole Fifty Shades craze even though I promised myself I wouldn't. I did the same thing with the Twilight Series. "I'm not reading some crappy book about Vampires" I said. "I'm not buying into all the Lovesick Teenage Angst" I remember muttering to anyway who dared to offer me the books to read. But offer me they did, left right and center until one day I accepted the books from a friend (Hi Kylie) and shoved them into my bag, just to get her and everyone else off my case.

I went home that day and when I unpacked my bag and saw the books again I had all the intentions of putting them onto the shelf and forget about them. It was my intention to let them sit there for a couple of weeks until I felt it was safe for me to return them with a casual "Oh Yeah they were very interesting" kind of statement to hide the fact that I had not bothered to attempt to find out what everyone was raving about.

I did however open the cover of book number one to have a squizz. Slightly intrigued, I thought I would just read the first chapter, you know, just to see what all the fuss was about.

A week later with an average of 4 hours sleep a night, I turned the final page of the final book and sighed. I had become very attached to Edward and his sidekicks and sadly I was going to miss them. Arggghhhhh I was officially a Twilight Junkie and was now eagerly awaiting the movie. Oh Kill me now!

When I heard the buzz about Fifty Shades I once again rolled my eyes and said to myself "I am so not going to get caught up again in another trashy series". Bahahaha So now you know where I have been this past few weeks.

I downloaded the first book to my iPad and it sat there for over a month with not even a glance..... until a week or so ago.

Now if you have read this series, you will know I am not joking when I say my hubby has never enjoyed me reading a book so much. He even encouraged me to download the rest of the series to my iPad and keeps suggesting maybe I should go and relax and read my book. Never ever has he been so keen for me to disappear into a book before.

These books though are a little more um colourful than the old Twilight series and they have actually had me seriously blushing. I sit there very cagey in front of my kids reading my iPad and making sure they cant see over my shoulder to read anything on the pages. When I stopped to pick up a coffee the other day, I saw three young girls no older than 16 with their noses in the first book and I had to stop myself from getting all Mum like and snatching the books out of their young little hands and being all "Does your mother know you're reading this?" Oh geez, I am sounding older and older every day.

He's a kinky one that Christian character, but both intruiging and enchanting in the same breathe. I get quite obsessed with the books I am reading and even though I stopped short of attaching chains and leather straps to the roof of our bedroom whilst I have been doing our makeover, I did find myself googling to see who is the front runner to play him in the movie. Sad aren't I? But I'm thinking that hot guy from Vampire Diaries, Ian Somerhalder could totally pull it off.

If you haven't read the book yet, do yourself and ummmm your partner a favour and go ahead and just read it. It is no literary classic, but it will most likely suck you in to the whole Fifty Shades Vortex. Just don't attempt to read it at your kid's karate lesson or in the Doctors office or you may find yourself a little flushed and slightly uncomfortable. Then again you will probably find the woman next to you has it hidden inside the Home Beautiful magazine she is reading....... damn I just gave myself away didnt I!

So you see I have had a perfectly pathetic good excuse as to why I have been MIA these past two weeks and once I finish this last book I look forward to catching up on what every one has been doing in the real world.

When I saw these pics floating around on Pinterest I had to have a giggle. If you have read the book, you will most probably look at these, roll your eyes and laugh to yourself.....just make sure no-one sees you roll your eyes if you know what I mean.


Have you read the Fifty Shades Series?
Who do you think should play Christian in the movie?
Any other books I really should not get sucked into?