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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

WIN a Tefal Soup and Co Soup Maker valued at $299

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Ok I am totally gonna go all gushy in this post and yup hand's up it is about a product that I was given free to try, but seriously this thing has me raving and I am soooo excited I get to give one away to one of you lucky readers.

You know that awful cloud that comes creeping into your home on a cold winter night? In our house it's called witching hour and it usually looms about 6pm just as kids are arriving home tired, cranky and hungry from their after school sports training and play dates. Hubby is stressed, I'm madly trying to finish work for the day and damn it, not a single brain cell has been spent on thinking up something for dinner.

Its about this point the kid's stares follow our every move like a poor homeless beggar eying you off as you eat a Big Mac.

Yeah I'm totally exploiting my kids with that photo, but hey - they've gotta earn their meal too! he he

I could have pashed my delivery guy when he knocked on my door with a big package that contained one of these in it for me.

That wickedly sleek machine my friends is the new super dooper Tefal Soup & Co Soup Maker and it cooks dinner AND cleans up for you. Ok it doesnt really clean up, but it does deliver you a piping hot bowl of whatever soup you can possibly imagine, in 25 minutes, WITH minimal mess. If this machine was human I would totally pash it too!

I was itching to try it out so after drooling all over looking through the gorgeous recipe book that it came with, I made my mind up. The Soup of the Day was Orange Soup - otherwise known as pumpkin soup (if my kids are out of earshot and are not listening).

It was honestly as simple as chopping up some vegies and chucking them into the soup maker, throwing in some water, vegie stock and spices and hit start.

25 minutes later we had this steaming hot soup and blissful silence as everyone was busy spooning gobfuls of delicious orange goodness into their mouths.

And I had this happy camper telling me what a good cook I was. I tell ya does it get any better?

Actually it does get better..... This fabulous contraption keeps your soup warm for 40 minutes, crushes ice for cocktails and you can even make milkshakes and smoothies in it...... on second thought let's focus on the cocktails part shall we.

As I mentioned earlier I am so excited that the awesome people at Tefal want to give one of you guys one of the Soup & Co Soup Makers valued at $299 so you can try it out for yourself. Bowchickawowwow!

Terms and Conditions
All you have to do is leave a comment on this post telling me what's your favourite soup to make. See I am not even making you work hard for this at all, that's what a good mood this machine has put me in.

BONUS ENTRY: For a bonus entry share this post on your Facebook or Twitter and leave an extra comment telling me you have done this.

Competition is open to Australian residents only
The winner will be selected by Random
Competition is open now and closes at 7pm Wednesday 01/08/12. 
The winner will be announced on this post right here on my blog and will have 48 hours to contact me to claim their prize.


Congratulations to Beth - you have won yourself a Tefal Soup & Co Soup Maker. I have just sent you an email! Please please please claim your prize within 48 hours :)

Beth 17 days ago

Hehe look at them homeless boys, so freaking cute, one photo away from "please sir, I want some more", my favorite soup at the moment or mash really so the baby can shovel feed as well is leftover soup. I use all the vegetables and bits and bobs left in the fridge at the end of the week (it sounds smart but really it's just I can't cope with a teething baby and shops at the same time).
Disclaimer: I wasn't paid for this post but I would totally do a zillion posts for these guys if they keep sending me stuff like this awesome machine!