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Thursday 19 July 2012

How NOT to Treat Your Computer!

Pin It Lucky for me I have a brother who is very handy with computers. He built my current computer system for me and saved me an absolute fortune which I am very grateful for, as I kind of suck at when it comes to anything electrical and appliances seem to have a short life span in my care.

For the past couple of months my computer has been having multiple spack attacks a day, I could'nt get on to my email, the internet kept crashing and it just generally seemed to have a bug in the system.

When my computer finally decided it didn't want to turn on anymore, I called my brother and asked him to fix it for me and he kindly agreed. Then last night the photos started coming through on my iPhone from him. It seems I did have a bug in my computer - literally! In fact I had a family of frigging spiders living in there.

That's not the worst bit though.

Apparently you need to vacuum the house that cases your hard drive every now and then so it doesn't get a dust build up in it. Dust build up can totally slow your system down and even stop your computer from booting up altogether..... so I found out.

I had *ahem* a little dust in my computer my brother tells me. Actually that's a very polite version of what he told me and the truth is my computer had um more than a little dust in it. Here's the pic he sent me - I am officially a computer Massarcist!

Needless to say my poor sick computer is still in hospital, so if you are waiting on an email from me - I do apologise for the delay. I have set up email now on my iPad and my Lap Top, but I cant get to any emails that were sent to me before today. So please email me again if you are waiting to hear from me.

I am definitely going to be paying a little more attention to my computer in future as I am totally lost with out everything I store on that beast and quite frankly I would be too scared to ever hand something like this over to my brother to fix again.

Fortunately for me and you if you too are guilty of neglecting your computer housekeeping, my loveley friend Margaret from Techie Mum has posted about How to Clean Your Computer - just for us! Thanks Margaret.

Did you know that your computer requires housekeeping like this? I had no idea!