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Wednesday 4 July 2012

A Romantic Heart Garland for The Bedroom

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I have been admiring on Pinterest all the gorgeous garlands that been pinned lately and I have been busting to have a go at some of them myself. In a house full of boys and all things masculine and boyish, I crave some prettiness every now and then and what is prettier than a heart garland for the bedroom.

I have been working on a bedroom makeover for my hubby and I - nothing major, just some cosmetic changes and I will be sharing with you the different projects as I work through them. See I've gone an gotten all Martha on you again but I tell ya, one has to take advantage of these creative little spurts I have, as soon as they happen or the moment may pass.

I spied these little wicker hearts in Kmart for $4 each on clearance and I snatched them up as I thought they would be perfect for a garland to hang from the curtain rail in our bedroom.  It was as simple as tying them to some white satin ribbon and slap me silly and call me Billy - I had myself a pretty heart garland for less than $30. Eat your heart out Martha!

Add some elegant white Tulips I picked up from the Farmers Market and our boudoir is starting to look all restful and romantic.

See that brown wall to the left - that is having some magic worked on it very soon so stay tuned.

Those words you can see on the wall are my inspirational words. A few years ago when I was going through some tough times emotionally, my therapist told me to pick three words that ignite something in me. Three words that give me hope and make me feel good inside, and so the words I chose were Laugh, Dream and Inspire.

Months later as fate would have it, I found my words among a bin full of a billion different words (slight exaggeration there maybe), in Spotlight of all places. They were simple little mdf cut outs and I just gave them a coat of white paint and put them up on the wall as a reminder to me every day to laugh, to dream and to inspire and be inspired. *Awwwwwwww cue the gushy moment*

When it comes to bed linen I love nothing more than crisp white sheets. I break the starkness of it up with different coloured cushions and throw rugs through the seasons and as it is cold and dreary the burnt orange colour helps to make me feel all warm, toasty and cheery.

So I have to say I was pretty excited as I had such a busy weekend planned and I didn't think I would get to do anything crafty or bedroom project related, but these gorgeous little wicker hearts I fluked upon on Friday changed all that and my little crafty decorating heart is singing all the way to bed tonight.

Does my little heart garland win your heart? (terrible pun intended)
Do you have any special words that mean something to you?
Does your partner let you decorate your bedroom anyway you like or do they have very different taste to you and it's become a battle of the wills?

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