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Thursday, 12 July 2012

A Quick Gift Wrap Solution for Gift Vouchers

Pin It How on earth do you wrap a gift voucher and make it look half decent?

My oldest son is getting to an age where buying birthday gifts for his friends is just getting harder and harder. Inevitably if I choose something, it's all wrong and the things kids really want cost like a squillion dollars. So we have succumbed to the gift voucher scenario.

At least the birthday child can use it to buy something or put it towards something they are saving up for, ultimately getting a gift they really want.

The thing is I hate just popping a gift voucher in a birthday card envelope. Maybe its because I am a sucker for pretty and cute gift wrapping, or maybe its because I secretly just want to totally embarrass my boys and their mates by handing over a gift that is impossibly cute. Whatever!

I thought I would share a quick 5 minute solution to wrapping a Gift Voucher using paper lolly bags you can buy at pretty much any craft or party supplier, some ribbon and a gift tag that you can stamp yourself.

No brains or skill required here, just a quick, easy and totally humiliating for 11 year old boys gift wrapping. Perfect!

Any other gift suggestions for 11 year old boys? 
Come on help me out here. What else can I wrap up all pretty and embarrassingly for young dudes?