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Thursday 20 October 2011

Breast Cancer - You SUCK!!!!!!

Pin It To say I am emotional tonight would be a serious understatement.

Today my 10 year old son's friend lost his Mum to Breast Cancer - she was 41.

Sandra has battled long and hard to beat this bastard of a thing, but after 8 years the fight is over and she did not win this one.

I was not particularly close to Sandra. We knew each other through our kids and we would chat at parties, school events and at the supermarket and my son has spent time in her home for the occasional party or play date.Yet her death has rocked me to the core and every time I think about it, more tears flow down my face.

I know many will ask - why has it affected you so much if she was not a close friend?

And to that I will answer with this....

She was a young woman. She fought for her life. She was a MUM!

2 more children are now left with only the memory of their mum and that just SUCKS!

Breast Cancer is such a bitch and it touches nearly everyone in some way or another.

To all of you courageous woman who are fighting this, my heart goes out to you with the prayers of millions. To those of you who have lost a loved one to Breast Cancer, my thoughts are with you everyday.

To those of us who have been lucky enough to dodge the bullet so far - PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't take this for granted. For the sake of your loved ones and yourself, please do a regular breast check. If you are not sure how to check properly - go and see your G.P and be shown.

Let's not let Breast Cancer take more of our sisters!

RIP Sandra - you fought hard! xxx

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