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Friday 21 October 2011

Mum there is a Baby in my Testicle!

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Welcome to my very first Vlog! The reason for my Vlog? I so need your help!

Last night my 6 year old asked me if there were babies in his testicles. Oh Crap right!

There has been a fair bit of talk on other blogs over the past few weeks about The Birds and the Bees talk and I have to say I have been laughing along as I read the posts enjoying the obvious embarrassment of the poor parents involved whilst all the time feeling relieved that it was not me that had to have the talk. Karma is a bitch huh! He who laughs last ... yeah yeah whatever!

I have 3 boys - a ten year old, a six year old and a four year old and we have not yet had to talk about the Birds and the Bees. How we have managed to get this far with the ten year old is beyond me, but it is now the six year old who is asking all the questions.

I know I could refer to 'the books' for advice on this, but they are just so rubber glovey and this is kind of a big milestone we are dealing with, so I want to get it right and not suck at it too badly.

This Vlog is a call out to my sisters in arms - please help me!!!!!!

 Don't you just love my You Tube face shot. FLATTERING :)
AND I completely Suck at Vlogging!!!!

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