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Saturday 15 October 2011

I'm Grateful for a Such Patient Man (suck suck)

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Today I am ever so grateful for a fabulous hubby who allows me to indulge in one of my most favourite things in the world - SHOPPING!

He is a wonderful man (true with a little suck suck) and such a great provider (true with a super dooper suck) and THE most wonderful Daddy (Really True no suck neccessary) and he never ever complains (much) when I arrive home from ducking out to pick up a new potato peeler and fly spray, with multiple bags on my arm and more bags hidden in the boot of the car.

He barely bats an eyelid when the kids point out new homewares or housey things I have so sneakily carefully and quietly positioned in their new place in our home.

He rarely ever makes a snide comment when I tell him "This old thing? Oh I have had this old dress forever" - he just quietly removes the price tag from the back for me and moves on without a fuss.

He is so lovely the way he has befriended our Toll Express, Fast Track and Aust Post couriers who love to pop in and say G'day (ok so they ARE dropping of a parcel or two).

This of course has nothing to do with the fact I have yet to break the news to him in entirety about today's little spending spree.

But I am hoping that by the time I get around to telling him, he will have already read this and be so touched by the lovely things I have written about him.

Just in case... Huni did I tell you how lovely the new Welcome sign I bought today highlights your beautiful blue eyes? xxx

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