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Thursday 27 October 2011

A Truce in The Pressie Revenge War

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I love pressies! I love everything (usually) about them - the gift wrapping, the card, the sentiment and of course the gift itself..... Most of the time anyway.

A few years ago my dear Hubby had the brilliant idea of giving me a hedge trimmer for my birthday. WTF? Nope not for down there *blush*, a proper electric hedge trimmer for the garden.

I kid you not. I remember sitting in bed rubbing my hands in anticipation as I waited for Hubby and the boys to come in to give me my birthday surprise. And surprised I was when I saw the size of the box they walked in with. It was humongous! And I can still remember my excitement as I ripped the paper off to reveal ... the mother of all gifts.

All eyes were on me as they waited for my grin to affirm that they had done good. They got a grin alright. In fact I remember laughing myself silly as I struggled to open the box to reveal my 'real' gift that I was sure was hidden inside this trick packaging.

Sadly it wasn't a trick - they were serious! He had given the loving mother of his children, the one who squeezed 3 melons out of a mouse hole, a friggin hedge trimmer for her birthday.

By now you have most likely learnt that one of my not so savoury personality traits is my ability to hold grudges. So revenge on my behalf came fast and swift in the form of a pair of Pyjamas with "Yes Dear" written across the front. Better yet, timed with the arrival of those PJs was the mysterious vanishing of all his other Jimmy Jams and he was forced to wear them night after night as a constant reminder of his wife's wrath. But with those PJs came something far more sinister, a declaration of war .... a present war.

As cunning as I thought I was and as stealth as I had delivered my revenge, nothing and I mean nothing could prepare me for my Mother's Day gift this year. This was when he dropped the mother of all bombs...

A Meat Slicer !!!!!!! No trick box, no jokes a bloody meat slicer.

We have been engaged in this battle for some time now. In fact I even managed to trick my mother into innocently acting on my behalf by convincing her to buy him a Slow Cooker for his birthday. "Really it's what he wants" I recall telling her. Unfortunately for me that one backfired - he did really want one. The upside of my miscalculated strike is we have enjoyed many a delicious meal from that gift.

Fast track to today - it's not my birthday nor is it Mother's Day. So when my hubby came home from work and said he had a gift for me, I was sure he was going to hand over a chainsaw, a set of jumper leads or something as equally gob smacking. But no, it seems my gorgeous man is attempting to call a truce in this long standing present war.

At first glance, my gift in it's box looked liked something you would put in your bedside drawer - you know the drawer that's off limits to the kids. But on closer inspection, the thoughtful guy had bought me something quirky and totally fabulous.

He worries about me gabbing away on my iPhone all day, so this groovy little thing is a hand piece you plug into your phone and talk through like you would a normal old chunka lunka phone but without frying your brain cells with radiation.

I am ever so thankful that he has waved the white flag - could this be the end of this exhausting fight. Bloody brilliant peace offering I say and bonus points for getting me a pink one.

I guess I'll have to rethink that 'Make your own Umbrella Kit' I had my eye on for him for Christmas.

What is the most unusual or out there gift you have given or received?
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Kate said...

Oh Sonia you had me in stitches!!

Glad the truce was made with such a funky gift for you!!

Life Love and Hiccups said...

Thanks Kate - I was pretty pleased with this gift :) xx

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