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Wednesday 2 May 2012

How Mrs Woog Was ENTIRELY Responsible for My Newest Love Affair!

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My neighbours could totally be forgiven for thinking I am having an affair with a courier fact multiple affairs with multiple courier drivers, because all too often I can be seen racing to the door to enthusiastically greet and welcome the men who heroically battle the roads and arrive to my home in a majestic white van carrying my latest spontaneous transaction.

The truth is, I HAVE become quite chummy with the drivers that deliver my goodies which is both a good and bad thing. Good because we have an arrangement where they happily circle the block until they see my hubby drive off for work in the morning and only then do they stealthily deliver my parcels...... *shaking head* OK no that is a total fabrication of the truth. They don't really do that, but it would be rather considerate of them and great customer service for all us woman trying to keep our shopping habits on the quiet from our other halves.

No they don't circle the block waiting for the right moment to deliver so I'll skip straight to the bad bit of becoming chummy with these drivers. Our familiarity now creates an issue in that they often mistake my delight in seeing them as being directed at them personally and not their cargo so they tend to want to have a bit of a chat before they allow me to sign for my goodies. I am happy to oblige for a moment or two, but the reality is I cannot take my eyes of my prize and I really just want them to hand it over so I can rip in to its awesomeness.

So I like to shop! No big deal and I am of the belief it is a therapeutic pastime many woman and even some men for that matter, like to engage in. It really is quite a tame hobby in comparison to others who prefer to jump off buildings or run like lunatics away from raging bulls in ancient lane ways.

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After many years my dear hubby has graciously come to accept this hobby of mine and his daily greeting as he arrives home from work is often "Hello Darling - What did you buy today"?
I would so hate to disappoint him by denying him the pleasure of making fun of my latest purchase so I do my best to keep up my part of our arrangement and make sure I have a little something arriving in the mail on a regular basis.

When my newest parcel arrived today I was busting at the seams to rip that little bugger open. The delightful Mrs Woog posted the other day about an awesome company called Wellies and she thoughtfully included a direct link to the website for suckers shopping enthusiasts like myself. Of course within minutes I had clicked over, fallen in love with some green tartan boots and was encouraged by secret subliminal messages on their website to click on the Buy Now Baby button.

My mum reliably informs me they are actually the colours of our family's tartan thingy back in Scotland - I SO knew somehow I was being patriotic when I bought them beauties!

Wanna see my new Wellies? Seriously, I have NO idea why I insist on asking you when we all know I am totally going to show you anyways.

See aren't they just adorable! That wasn't a question by the way, more an I think they are adorable so I'm not really fussed what anyone else thinks kind of statement.

My patient hubby insisted on playing the savvy shopper angle tonight and said to me as I was adoring my latest purchase "So how much did you pay for those"?
I casually replied with a figure somewhere between $60 and $70 dollars.
"Pfffft" he says "You got ripped off! I heard an ad on the radio today for a company selling Gumboots for $19 bucks!"
I stared at him incredulously and then almost hysterically declared in defense of my precious hoof clogs "But they are Gumboots they were selling, THEY WEREN'T WELLIES!"

He stared at me with one the blankest expressions in the history of mankind.

Men just don't get it sometimes.

So I totally intend on jumping in puddles this weekend, just cause you know I can. Even if it is a glorious day I am so going to get out the hose and create a bloody big puddle to entertain me, cause that's what one does when one gets some fancy shmancy new wellies.

I am going to swan around the soccer and rugby fields in them like a wayward farmer girl and I will completely ignore any North Shore Mum references thrown in my direction as I swagger through the mushy grass with cozy feet.

I may even waste a bit of time wandering through my garden with a basket, some gloves and pruner thingys in my hand and make like I know what the heck I am doing out there. I'll probably pretend I am ambling in the countryside cause we all know I'm a big nerd like that.

The old man with dementia in the nursing home behind our house is thankfully still alive and continues to delight me everyday with his lovely mooing noises so I can probably convince myself I really am in the countryside surrounded by cows and not actually in a small back garden in suburbia.

Oh the adventures I shall have with my green tartan Wellies!

And so the love affair begins. I totally owe you one Mrs Woog!

Now I just need the gorgeous cable knit Boot Toppers I ordered on etsy from a lovely gal in Italy to arrive and I'll be as happy as a pig in ....... You got feel sorry for pigs, as rolling in shit would be so much more pleasant in a pair of green tartan Wellies.

Do you like to shop?
Got anything you want to sell me?
Do you own some Wellies? 
If so what games do you like to play in them?
Yes - I'm being serious!

*The Wellies website doesn't really have subliminal messages programmed into their site, but if my hubby is asking - they totally do!