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Tuesday 24 July 2012

Make Your Own Easy Canvas Wall Art

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I'm all for reusing and recycling. Actually if I'm being totally honest with you I'm all for digging around my house and garage to find bits and pieces I can use to make up the random ideas I get in my head and as I am trying *ahem cough cough* to stop being so free and easy with money, I kinda have to get creative with what I've already got.

And so I decided I wanted to make a canvas wall hanging out of some left over material I had from cushions I made. Its for our TV room upstairs which is just one of the many makeover projects I have going on at the moment.

Now this ain't rocket science this little project. But it is quick and easy and you can totally get a little creative hit out of finishing a project in under an hour. Great news for any of my fellow project Junkies. Sometimes you need a quick and easy project to keep you motivated right?

So these were the cushions I made up using the quick and easy cushion instructions I posted about last week. I wanted to make a wall hanging that matched the cushions using up the left fabric.

I gathered up my supplies and if you use the same technique as me (that would be the quickly slap it together technique) you will need the following bits and bobs.

A canvas to cover
(You can even use Styrofoam if you have it lying around)
Clear Spray Adhesive
Staple Gun
Hot Glue Gun

This was the old canvas I decided to recover. It was a painting I did a few years ago that had well and truly seen it's day.

Start by spraying a light coat of adhesive spray directly on to your canvas and then smooth your material over it and press down. I didn't have enough of this material to cover the whole canvas so I just cut the material in half and covered each end, leaving a gap in the middle.

After a few minutes of letting the material dry and set, carefully flip your canvas over and stretch the material and staple to the back. Make sure your material is lined up exactly how you want it before you staple as it's a major pain in the proverbial to have to pull the staples out to straighten it all up.

Now for the middle panel. I iron a single folded hem flat with a hot iron.

Once again I sprayed the canvas with the adhesive spray, pressed it down and stapled into the back. Then using my hot glue gun I put a fine strip of glue down the edges of the panel to seal them and prevent any fabric lifts.

Finish it all off by gently ironing over the whole canvas to get a smooth crease free finish.

And there you have a quick and easy canvas wall art to update your room.

As you can probably tell, I am having a ball at the moment getting my Martha on and I am for the first time, very grateful for my hubby's hoarding habit as I am finding all sorts of goodies in the garage to use in my makeovers.

Do you have a hoarder in your family?
What gems have you whipped up lately using stuff you found around the house?

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