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Friday 3 May 2013

Delivering Love on Mothers Day - Win A Roses Only $100 Voucher

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This post and Giveaway is brought to you by Roses Only 

I remember the Mother's Day when I was heavily pregnant with my oldest son Kai, like it was yesterday .... or at least last year.

Just to set the picture right in your mind, when I say heavily pregnant I really mean looking like an obese Teletubbie ready to tip over with the next gust of wind.

You get the gist right?

Anyway it was the day before Mothers Day and I was sitting on my couch feeding my face with one of my many calorie loaded cravings - Sara Lee Cookies and Cream ice cream.

Whilst I cant remember for sure, I was most likely watching something like 9 months or Father of the Bride Part 2 which were both on high rotation at that stage of my pregnancy and I was jumping at every little Braxton Hicks I felt, totally convinced I was going to immediately go into full blown labour like they do in the movies.

As was the case whenever my husband wasn't at home with me when I had these mini contractions, I was sure this was it, and I was going to have to run out onto the street gushing waters everywhere and try to hail a cab, but end up giving birth on the driveway with all the neighbours chanting '"PUSH PUSH PUSH". And then I would have to name the baby Alfred or Pierre after the taxi driver who finally showed up in time to catch my baby as he pinged out of my hooha.

Yes I have always been a bit of a Drama Queen and clearly being my first pregnancy I had NO idea just how freaking long giving birth can take.

I was feeling fat and hormonal, fat and tired and fat and sick with stomach cramps from all the ice cream and it felt like I had been pregnant for 13 and a half years.

When the security door buzzer went off for our apartment I was tempted to screech "Unless you are here to perform a completely painless baby removal on me, GO AWAY!!

I didn't though.

Instead I paused my movie, put the ice cream tub down and dragged my weary backside off the couch and over to the intercom.

"Hello" I half enquired and half bawled into the speaker.

"Hello is that Sonia?" came the cheery reply.

"I don't knowwwww who I am anymore" I sobbed to the poor stranger on my intercom.

"Um well I have a delivery for you if you are Sonia" the voice meekly stated.

I reluctantly hung up and made my way down the flights of stairs to sign for what I presumed would be yet another one of my strange Danoz Direct products I had oredered whilst I was up at 3am eating bowls of cereal.

When I opened the door to find a woman holding a big bunch of the most gorgeous flowers ever, I was confused.

Who would be sending me flowers?

I accepted them with a teary smile and a thank you and closed the door behind her.

Unable to hold out from reading the card until after I lugged myself and my bouquet back up the stairs again, I sat down on the steps and carefully opened the little card.

Dear Mummy,
Happy 1st Mothers Day.
I can't wait to meet you soon.
Love from Grub

I think in that moment there was more water from my tears than there would have been had my waters actually broken there and then.

My 1st Mothers Day.


It hadn't even crossed my mind that even though my little Grub was still merrily baking away in my teletubbie sized tum, I could actually celebrate that Mothers Day. Because even though my baby wasn't yet in my arms, I was already well and truly a Mum.

I know I'm a bit of a mad flower lover, but every time I see a flower delivery happening, I get all sentimental and think back to the special delivery I received and the day I realised I was a mum.

Flowers are such a gorgeous way to to show a special mother figure in your life that you are thinking of them on Mother's Day.

It doesn't actually have to be for the person who gave birth to you, it could be an adopted mum, a step mum, a mum to be, someone else's mum who is precious to you or just a special lady who has been there for you and you want to say "Hey Thank you and I'm thinking of you this Mothers Day".

Roses Only is a gorgeous website that you can rely on to deliver the most beautiful gift to a special woman you would like to honor this Mothers Day. Their flower delivery service is Australia wide and you can send flowers or a combo of flowers and a special something extra.

As I write this post my husband wants me to tell you that their website is super easy to use and if he (my technologically challenged love of my life) can use it anyone can.

So here's a thought - fancy a delivery of flowers to your home this Mothers Day? Send your partner this link, and then hope for the best. You never know, a little subtle hint could lead to you receiving the most beautiful bouquet of flowers you have ever seen this Mothers Day.

Roses Only have kindly offered up a $100 Gift voucher as a giveaway so that one lucky winner can send some flowers to someone special .... or themselves ;)

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