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Friday 10 May 2013

Mother's Day Gift Wrapping Idea With Target TeaTowels

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 This Post is Brought To You by Target

When I headed to Target last week to pick up some gift wrapping for  Mother's Day, I wasn't looking for your typical paper gift wrap. 

Nope, I had something a little different in mind and instead I headed straight in to the Home Decor and Tableware sections cause I was looking for tea towels.

I adore gifts where the wrapping is useful and doesn't just end up in the bin, and so I decided that this year I would be wrapping my mum's Mother's Day pressie in cute reusable tea towels.

Now honestly, I expected to find something kind of simple, classic and not too fussy. But when I spotted these gorgeous two packs of tea towels for $10 bucks each, I made a lot of noise. Good noise. But a lot of it. Just ask my oldest son Kai who was pretty much curled up in a little corner with his eyes glazed over and dying of embarrassment.

Oh I know what you are thinking. "Seriously WHO goes that loopy over tea towels?".

All I can say is these are not just any tea towels, these are THESE tea towels.

 You like right?


And even better for you - whilst I paid $10 bucks in store a set (still a total bargain in my books), all of the teatowels I chose are online now for $7.50 for the set of two.

One for the pressie wrapping project and one for you! Score!

As for the gift wrapping part, just simply place the gift in some tissue paper in a little box or container and then wrap it all up in the tea towel and tie of with some ribbon or twine and voila.

Your gift all bundled up in a gorgeous but totally useful gift wrap.

Now anyone who knows me knows that I cannot go into my local mall without checking out the Target Homewares and in particular the cushions, especially at the start of each new season.

As far as I'm concerned, it is one of the simplest and cheapest ways to update a room for a new season. Now we are heading into the thick of Autumn and with Winter just around the corner I'm getting all Mother Bear like and preparing our home for us to snuggle down and hibernate through the colder months.

And so I humiliated my son for the second time that day (quite possibly more, but who's counting). I knew I was going to be doing a post for you guys for Target and so I wanted to show you all the gorgeous new cushions they have in store.

Now that doesn't sound too humiliating does it?

No the embarrassing bit for my son was watching his mum pull all the cushions off the shelf and piling them high all over the floor so that I could take photos for you.

There we were in the middle of Target on a busy Saturday morning and I had mounds and mounds of cushions all spread out and sorted by colour. Kai was instructed to act like a security or safety guard and keep people back so they didn't trip over the cushions (or mess up my display) whilst I clicked away taking photos.

To soften the blow I then paid him $5 bucks to pack them all back on the shelves for me whilst I went off to explore the flannel sheets in the Manchester section.

Ahhhh the life of a blogger's child.

 All of these gorgeous cushions are available in store and online and ranged in price from $18.75 to $22.50.

On a final note, I just want to wish all the gorgeous Mothers the most wonderful of days this weekend. May your sleep in be long, your tea or coffee hot, children well behaved and your partners attentive. And to all of you who will be thinking of someone special who is no longer with you in person, we are all sending you much love.

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Now tell me, If you could have anything in the world this Mother's Day, what would it be?